From the e-bag:

My comments from earlier in the week have become a national story, and many people in the Republican Tea Party have demanded that I apologize. I won’t.

Do the Tea Partiers really think that what I said is worse than comparing President Obama to Hitler, or screaming that he’s not an American? Do they think what I said was worse than denying a child health care because of a pre-existing condition?

Give me a break. THEY should be the ones apologizing.  That’s why I’m asking you to contribute to my ‘swear jar’ to help us beat our opponents in November.

If you give $10 to my ‘swear jar,’ you will send the Tea Party a strong message. swear jar

I have been amazed by the outpouring of support the Ohio Democratic Party has received after I spoke out forcefully and unapologetically on behalf of working families. But we cannot back down now.

National pundits are saying that Democratic voters will sit this election out. We need you to

get out, fight our Tea Party opponents and stand up for what we believe in, because if we don’t, we will lose this election.

Contribute $10 to my ‘swear jar’ and help the Ohio Democratic Party and its candidates get our message out and stick it to our opponents.

With your help, we will win a great victory for working families in November.

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Chris Redfern has really won me over. 

The conservative faux outrage machine may have made a huge mistake in making this such a huge national issue.  Redfern has instantly become a national hero to progressives at a time when Ohio is critically important to the election.

They weren’t upset when the Tea Party said Democratic leaders needed to be “shot in the head.”  They have never apologized for questioning our President’s legitimacy or patriotism.  What the Tea Party has said in coarse of their political discourse has been worse than one swear word.


ODP Communication Director Seth Bringman gives us an update:

“The response in the past 48 hours has been overwhelming. We have signed up hundreds of volunteers, and we are on track to one of our best online fundraising days of the cycle – if not the best – with 93 percent of our contributions coming from first-time donors.”

Holy f!