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Rob Portman Caption Contest

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Then again, some things don’t need a caption.  But give it a whirl, Plunderbunders!

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From the e-bag:

My comments from earlier in the week have become a national story, and many people in the Republican Tea Party have demanded that I apologize. I won’t.

Do the Tea Partiers really think that what I said is worse than comparing President Obama to Hitler, or screaming that he’s not an American? Do they think what I said was worse than denying a child health care because of a pre-existing condition?

Give me a break. THEY should be the ones apologizing.  That’s why I’m asking you to contribute to my ‘swear jar’ to help us beat our […]

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Truer words have never been written by this man.

Something must have broken down in the John Kasich Astroturf 2010 machine.

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This morning, the Strickland campaign had a telephone conference with national and local media (and me) to talk about strategy.  They’ve said the same thing I’ve observed.  The “public polling” is all over the place because of a wide disparity in their various likely voter models.  Regardless, none of the public polling is showing what their internal polling is showing except:

Since July, John Kasich’s unfavorables have risen quicker than favorability. At the same time Ted’s favorability has increased while unfavorability has been steadily going down. In their internal polling, Strickland has huge advantages on trust, fighting for the middle […]

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GOP Pledge Draft

Here’s the widely leaked drafted of the “Pledge to America” that the Congressional Republican Leadership plans to launch to America in a rerun of the 1994 “Contract with America.”

Like all bad sequels, it is formulaic, uninspiring, and cheapens the original.

The 1994 “Contract for America” was, at least bold and original and presented a sharp contrast to the governing philosophy that had been the forty years of […]

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