Jennifer Brunner once said about me, in front of my own mother, at my own fundraiser, with me standing next to her, that she only wished I didn’t use such bad language when I blogged, which of course, got a howl of laughter from the gathered supporters, and a stern, “that’s right!” from my mom.  Thanks a lot, Jennifer.  Anyway, given the response by teabaggers to Chris Redfern’s use of the term “fuckers” to describe them, I hope I can get a special dispensation from both Jennifer and my mom for the following.

Fuck you, you fucking pieces of fuck.  You fucked up our country beyond all fucking recognition, and you don’t even fucking know it.  You have spent the last three years befouling our political discourse with your filthy fucking mouths in a display of ignorance and stupidity so profound the word ‘fucker’ is the most effective locution to describe your sorry fucking asses this side of just plain calling you “fucks”.  And if any of you would just get laid once or twice, none of us would have to suffer for the stupendous pile of fucking horseshit your political ideology has left us all to clean up.  And you won’t even pick up a fucking broom to help clean up your own fucking mess.  All you do is say, “fuck this”, “fuck that,” “fuck the other thing”, and then go whining to Fox News so they can give your idiotic world view the only blow job your pathetic self-esteem ever gets so you can feel like a fucking important fuck.

And then you spend every breath of what remains of your political vocabulary crawling up every other person’s genitalia telling them all how THEY should fuck.

So pucker up and go fuck yourselves, you fucking fuckety fuckster McFucks.

I will now return to taking Jennifer Brunner’s advice.