I’m constantly amazed at the cottage industry in politics which is the business of manufacturing outrage and the hypocrisy of those in the business.

Today, Matt Naugle, Michelle Malkin, and ORP Chairman Kevin DeWine are outraged, OUTRAGED, I tell you, that Chris Redfern would offend the sensitivities of steelworkers by referring to opponents of health care reform as fuckers.

Matt Naugle has said some of the most vile things on the Internet not spread by Michelle Malkin first.  The idea of either of them have any credibility at being offended is a sad joke.  Matt Naugle has said worse of people.  He believes that all union members are “thugs” and criminals.  Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter constantly race to see which one can say the more outrageous smear of their political opponents than the other.

And Kevin DeWine?  He’s just as bad.  Where was Kevin DeWine’s outrage in 2006 when Ken Blackwell, his party’s nominee for Governor, suggested at a campaign debate that Ted Strickland was affiliated with a pro-pedophilia group?  His outrage machine must have been in the shop that day.

Then there was DeWine’s utter silence when a Tea Party member at a Bob Latta town hall said that Democratic leaders should “be shot in the head”—a comment Latta ignored and only belatedly condemned well after the event had occured:

You’re a nice person, but your mindset has to be they are trying to break the country, make us live under their rules," said Rebecca Orians, 55, of Tiffin. "If you can, get them impeached, put in jail."

Someone from the audience added the suggestion, "shot in the head."

The congressman did not respond to that suggestion.

To date, neither Congressman Latta nor Chairman DeWine has condemned the other speaker’s suggestion that all Democrats are enemies of the United States, should be impeached, and jailed.

As for the “offended” Tea Partiers like the guy who said we should have Democrats “shot in the head”?  FUCK THEM.

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I’m supposed to feel sorry for these idiots?  These people who for a year have used some of the most racially tinged, inflammatory rhetoric since the days of Jim Crow?  I’m supposed to feel bad for Springboro Tea Party founder Sonny Thomas, who despite having a Latino son, refers to them as “Spics?”

Hemophiliacs shouldn’t throw punches.

Where was DeWine on the ridiculous and inflammatory rhetoric by the Tea Party?  He was booking his Statewide candidates to join them and slapping phony logos on ORP campaign lit declaring how his hand picked statewide candidates shared their values.

Chris Redfern shouldn’t have used a swear word at a rally, but promptly asked people to pardon his language.

That’s more than what we’ve ever gotten from DeWine, Malkin, Naugle, and the Tea Party crowd.