From the daily archives: Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jennifer Brunner once said about me, in front of my own mother, at my own fundraiser, with me standing next to her, that she only wished I didn’t use such bad language when I blogged, which of course, got a howl of laughter from the gathered supporters, and a stern, “that’s right!” from my mom.  Thanks a lot, Jennifer.  Anyway, given the response by teabaggers to Chris Redfern’s use of the term “fuckers” to describe them, I hope I can get a special dispensation from both Jennifer and my mom for the following.

Fuck you, you fucking pieces of fuck.  […]

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I’m constantly amazed at the cottage industry in politics which is the business of manufacturing outrage and the hypocrisy of those in the business.

Today, Matt Naugle, Michelle Malkin, and ORP Chairman Kevin DeWine are outraged, OUTRAGED, I tell you, that Chris Redfern would offend the sensitivities of steelworkers by referring to opponents of health care reform as fuckers.

Matt Naugle has said some of the most vile things on the Internet not spread by Michelle Malkin first.  The idea of either of them have any credibility at being offended is a sad joke.  Matt Naugle has said worse of […]

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I still can’t believe that the DCCC is running ads in this race.  Let alone one that fails to mention that Ganley, Mr. Tea Party candidate, made millions off of Sutton’s “Cash for Clunkers” program.

Still, it’s better than most D.C.-consultant driven ads.  I wonder if Ganley will respond with that sweet attacking owl claw ad he made when he was running against Rob Portman?

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When I worked for then-Congressman Ted Strickland in the late 1990s, I did constituent casework.  It was an important component of the office because its dedicated constituent casework that helps incumbents in swing districts hold onto their seats a little easier.

It’s NOT often you see that used in an attack ad, though.  Then again, not helping a Korean veteran get his Purple Heart medal he earned is a pretty crappy thing to do.

Thank you, Dr. Tyree and your father, for your service to our country.

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