From the Cincinnati Enquirer:

"You know all that nice space we have in the rest areas on the interstates?,” Kasich said. "Why aren’t we leasing them to Bob Evans?" But a 1956 federal law bars restaurants from rest areas built after 1960, a law designed to protect restaurants at exits.

John Kasich is going to hold a fire sale of State property to pay for his sacred cow of tax tax repeals.

I’ll give Kasich credit.  Throughout the debate, he said he’d get the “special interests’ snouts out of the public trough,” and it looks like he plans to do it with the novel strategy of overfeeding them.

You would also expect a guy who spent most of his adult life in Congress wouldyou know—know federal law pretty well, wouldn’t you?

Kasich rest stopMmm, mmm…. down on the farm goodness!