When Richard Cordray released his first ad, DeWine attacked Cordray for going “negative” by… mentioning DeWine’s decades in Congress:

“It is telling that Richard Cordray decided to go negative in his first television advertisement,” DeWine said.

DeWine is up with his first television ad… Guess what he did?  Yep, attacked Cordray.

But at least Mike DeWine got his first law enforcement endorsement.

Too bad it’s his own daughter.

DeWine’s ad also falsely creates the impression that he’s been endorsed by law enforcement and the Columbus Dispatch.  DeWine’s campaign against corruption?  Nonexistent.  Where was Mike DeWine during Coingate? Jack Abramoff?  Nowhere.

But how will DeWine use the Attorney General’s office to create jobs?

ALICE: “He won’t kill jobs and hurt small businesses with endless lawsuits.”

Yep, Mike DeWine is actually blaming Richard Cordray for the economy because he’s successfully sued the Wall Street giants who caused this economic meltdown.

Mike DeWine hasn’t prosecuted a criminal case in thirty years.  Mike DeWine has no criminal trial experience since the Carter Administration.

And PolitiFact has already found DeWine’s attacks on the crime lab to be, well, highly misleading.