If I didn’t actually see video, I’d swear that John Kasich was a fictional character I created in my head to lampoon and satirize the modern Republican.

I’ve already written one example of Kasich’s buffoonery this morning.  Unfortunately, the Kasich interview in today’s Cincinnati Enquirer is filled with other examples.

John Kasich is the first candidate for Governor (except for Ken Blackwell) who has refused to release his tax forms.  He’s proposed privatizing the State of Ohio’s Development Department and replacing it with a corporation he could appoint and pay his corporate cronies secret undisclosed bonuses.

We still don’t know what his tax plans really are, or how he plans to pay for them.  Most of what Kasich would do as a Governor is a complete mystery because he has chosen to communicate from his white room on YouTube and in political consultant driven campaign ads.

So what does John Kasich say his signature feature of his Administration would be?  Transparency and accessibility!

What Kasich wants, he told a group of Enquirer editors and reporters Monday, is a high-tech version – a website that would allow Ohioans to send him their questions and concerns "that I could see on a screen." See some highway workers standing idly? Send him a message.

"Maybe I would have a website that goes directly to me,” said Kasich, the former central Ohio congressman.

Kasich doesn’t even do that now as a candidate.  Let alone as Governor.  His “Fix Ohio Now” site is screened by his campaign staff.  There’s been no evidence that Kasich has actually read a single idea posted on it as he’s not adopted a single one proposed.

Kasich on education.  On the same day Kasich uses his own kids as a political prop to show how much a guy who proposed abolishing the U.S. Department of Education cares about education in a new television ad, Kasich says this about Ohio’s education:

Kasich said that Strickland’s "evidence-based" model for funding public education that targets funding to poorer districts and reduces reliance on local property taxes would be "gone" if he is elected governor, replaced by a system that frees school districts from unfunded mandates and can be paid within the limits of the state budget.

If you loved the education policies of Taft and Voinovich, you’ll love John Kasich!  Education is one of the four biggest items in the State budget.  When Kasich implies that our current education system cannot “be paid within the limits of the State budget"—he’s talking technocrat.  Translation: I plan on cutting public education as Governor.

Goodbye all-day Kindergarten.  Hello, vouchers!

But does anyone remember how the Education Commission on the States—a nonpartisan education reform group—awarded Ohio “the 2010 Frank Newman Award for State Innovation. Ohio’s enactment of 2009 H.B. 1 demonstrates the state’s commitment to informed, bold and courageous reform. H.B. 1 overhauls nearly every major component of the education system, from early learning through postsecondary?”  Because Kasich doesn’t.

The Governor’s education reform plan established the Ohio Evidence Based Model, a funding mechanism that utilizes research to determine what components are critical to determine student success. It also increases the level of transparency and accountability for school districts to produce results for Ohio’s children.

“Governor Strickland’s comprehensive efforts to review, align and improve Ohio’s educational system deserve commendation. ECS recognizes the promise and potential of the sweeping reforms contained in Ohio 2009 H.B. 1. We are pleased to honor Ohio’s commitment to improving teaching quality, mentoring and evaluation along with efforts to close the achievement gap, improve high school graduation rates, study funding mechanisms and better allocate resources,” states ECS President Roger Sampson. “This is an excellent example of strong leadership and a shared vision that looks not only across the education system but at the integration points with other state agencies. I believe these are key elements to the long-term success of this measure.”

And Kasich wants to throw it out…. and replace it with ???  Vouchers and charter schools.  A return to the failed status quo of Taft and Voinovich.  A model that when fully funded would end the disparity between rich and poor districts, that reduces reliance on local property taxes.  And Kasich thinks we should get rid of it!

Seriously, does John Kasich ever connect with reality?

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