All year, John Kasich and the RGA has teamed up in what was—of course—a completely non-coordinated ad strategy.  Kasich could run positive ads as the RGA did his dirty work running one negative ad after another.  John Kasich has routinely claimed that he is not running against Ted Strickland.  Too bad John Kasich’s ad suggests otherwise now.

If the Kasich campaign believed this ad strategy truly worked so well that they were now sitting on a ten to seventeen point lead, as the Carpetblogger believes, then it makes absolutely little sense for the Kasich campaign to suddenly change gears and go negative on Strickland.

Kasich’s campaign surrogates have been crowing about a ridiculous Quinnipiac poll showing a seventeen point lead.  But conspicuously absent in this crowing was: “Our internal polling shows the same.”  Because it didn’t.  Don’t believe me, then look at Kasich’s ads.  Rob Portman, too.  (Who just released a second new attack ads against Fisher is recent days.)

Rasmussen last week showed Kasich’s lead cut in half from two weeks ago as the Invacare ad was just starting to air.  Now he is suddenly changing ad strategies.  Is it because his own internal polling shows what Rasmussen (and Strickland’s internals) are showing that Strickland’s numbers have been improving and Kasich’s are getting worse?

But back to the unblinking Mary Taylor.  She claims in the ad that she’s found all sorts of waste in State spending.

She hasn’t.  At least, according to the State Auditor’s office she hasn’t.

She did a much touted “performance audit” of the Lottery Commission in which she found little room for improvement.  On her official state office website, that is the only audit she lists involving the State as a high “profile audit.”

Her most recent “single audit of the State” found only $4 million in questionable expenditures.  Which equates to less than 3/1000 of a percent of all State spending.  That’s hardly a finding of widespread waste.

Taylor actually praised the Ohio Highway Patrol Retirement System—a state pension—for its financial accountability.

A quick review of her office’s press releases finds virtually no mention of findings of waste or fraud by the State at all.  And yet, Mary Taylor uses her elected position to level an accusation her own office’s website does not support.

Hopefully, the media will note the change in tone and Taylor’s abuse of her official office for purely political motives—to the extent of lying about what her office has found to the very people Taylor was elected to serve.