Scene is reporting that sources tell them Mason is about to resign over involvement in the federal corruption investigation.

according to sources with close ties to county politics. Mason is expected to resign by the second week of October, the sources say. Federal charges against him are expected within the next two months.

“There’s a reason why they’re not included [in the federal indictments] at this point,” says one of the sources, who spoke with Scene on condition of anonymity. “They’re collecting more information.”

ResignationPalooza is back on!  You’ll recall that we at Plunderbund reported an imminent Mason resignation over a period of a week back in January.  No one would deny it from any source, but it never happened.

  • And then more county money spent for another special election after the election train from May thru November. Mason again shows his disdain for the citizens of Cuyahoga County.

  • Anastasjoy

    I don’t believe it anymore than when you were making this claim: it’s just too good to be true. It’s hard to believe we’ve been hearing and hearing and hearing about the investigations of Dimora, Russo et al, for two years, yet they have conducted an exhaustive investigation of Mason — enough to make him resign — in secret? I’d love to buy it but I just can’t.

  • Anastasjoy

    Steve, they’d probably schedule the election for Christmas Eve, then people would whine about the low turnout.

  • Anonymous

    i’d vote on christmas eve but that’s primarily because december 24th has no particular meaning to me.

  • Better Christmas eve than Halloween.

    I’ve got to get the pumpkin carved and the costumes made and I’m not missing that unless it’s a mayoral election and I get to vote for the candidate that promises to change the trick-or-trick date in Columbus to ACTUALLY Halloween and not the closest school night.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, halloween is without question my fave holiday, and autumn the best time of year! begins tonite at 11:09 pm. hehe

  • Albert wilkerson

    Why would anyone in this time and day resign one of the highest county postion at such a young age? It is now time for The Chickens to Come Home to Roost

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