Boy, John Kasich sure can talk about education well without saying anything substantively, can’t he?  Noticed he didn’t really ever say what his plan for education was… (and for good reason!)

Here’s what John Kasich says on his campaign website about education:

John Kasich and Mary Taylor believe that we need to improve education in Ohio and that we must:

  • Set higher standards.
  • Fund students, not just buildings.
  • Reduce spending so we can start reducing taxes.
  • Use more technology in the classroom to leverage students’ greater use of computers at home.
  • Reward excellent teachers and hold all teachers accountable.
  • Ensure that all families have education choices.

Anyone notice that third bullet point?

Reduce spending so we can start reducing taxes.”

Do you think anyone watching Kasich’s ad realize that they’re watching an ad of a candidate PROMISING TO CUT EDUCATION SPENDING TO PAY FOR HIS TAX CUTS?  John Kasich has said repeatedly that the there are no “sacred cows” in the State’s spending more sacred than his desire to repeal Ohio’s income and estate taxes.  There’s no reason to believe that education, a major component of the State’s spending, would be spared for Kasich’s chopping block.  (After all, Kasich proposed in Congress abolishing the entire U.S. Department of Education as a means to balance the federal deficit.)


Kasich’s plan is no different—at all—to Ken Blackwell’s 2006 education platform.  Remember Blackwell’s 65% Solution—and how it was slammed by conservative education reformers like Bush Education Secretary Rod Paige?

John Kasich is talking about the same thing!  And what would a GOP candidate for Governor be without dog whistling for more private school vouchers and diverting more money away from public schools into the private, for-profit charter school system?

After all, one of Kasich/Taylor’s largest donors are executives of White Hat Managament—one of Ohio’s largest for-profit charter school corporations.  But even State Auditor Mary Taylor has admitted that White Hat has engaged in “abusive” business practices while taking tax payer dollars (like double paying board members for meetings, etc.

Again, this is no different than what Ken Blackwell proposed in 2006.  Blackwell proposed that instead of funding public schools directly, every student got a tax payer voucher to use at the school of their choice.  If the “public” schools couldn’t attract enough students to stay open or provide a decent education… oh well!  Does Kasich take it that far?   He isn’t saying.

The parts that aren’t insane about Kasich’s education plan… have already been achieved under Governor Strickland.  Under the education reform enacted by Governor Strickland, we have merit-based teacher advancement now.  We have more money going to put technology in the classroom and more funding for students, not buildings.

Kasich is the only guy to be bold enough to run this kind of misleading ad on education when his own campaign platform demonstrates an entirely different kind of commitment (or lack thereof) to public education.

Will anyone in the media note the disconnect between Kasich’s fuzzy ad and his fuzzier policies on his campaign website?

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