From the daily archives: Monday, September 20, 2010

Being a reformed Clintonista myself (read: more liberal now), whenever I hear Bill Clinton get into campaign mode, I’m reminded why Clinton was so impossible to beat.  Bill’s back on the air lately, and I’m emerging from post-election cocoon, so here it is.

The email smear campaign against Barack Obama hasn’t stopped since it bubbled up from the primordial wingnut ooze in 2007.  It’s metastasized into the backbone of their policy.  In fact, it has become the Republican Party’s entire message.  The birther wing took over.  That means there is nothing in the Republican playbook this year, this mid-term, that […]

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If you listen to the MSM coverage of politics, you’d get the impressive that voters despise Democrats and love Republicans.  The only problem is that even likely voter models show that’s not the case.

Check out this graph from this post at

While it’s true that the Democratic brand has a net negative favorability rating, the GOP brand is twice as worse off than it was in 2006, which is why they tried to rebrand their ideology under the Tea Party in the first place in the worst marketing failure since New Coke and Crystal […]

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Not the other way around.  And I fully support Yvonne Cionwell for District 7.

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Boy, John Kasich sure can talk about education well without saying anything substantively, can’t he?  Noticed he didn’t really ever say what his plan for education was… (and for good reason!)

Here’s what John Kasich says on his campaign website about education:

John Kasich and Mary Taylor believe that we need to improve education in Ohio and that we must:

Set higher standards. Fund students, not just buildings. Reduce spending so we can start reducing taxes. Use more technology in the classroom to leverage students’ greater use of computers at home. Reward excellent teachers and hold all teachers […]

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I am more than a little surprised that Kasich’s statement that “We didn’t lose jobs to China” in last week’s debate has not gotten more attention.

If for any other reason, it was the first time Kasich attempted to be a free trade apologist.  Either that or his head is in the sand.  Either way, such an event is worth noting.

Until that moment, John Kasich has been an unapologetic advocate for free trade.  The difference between the two could not be clearer, nor can how Kasich’s free trade record in Congress has hurt Ohio now:

Ohio lost 49,886 […]

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