Jon Keeling is really starting to lose his mind.  Today, he claimed, with no evidence, that the Strickland campaign just flat out “made up” an internal poll showing them behind by three points in order to have something to say about yesterday’s Quinnipiac.  It’s, of course, totally untrue.

Jai Chabria, a Kasich campaign worker, and the “other man” in Kasich’s “two-man” Columbus Lehman Brothers office, also tweeted that the poll was a complete fiction.


The only problem with this theory is that Matt Naugle wrote about an internal Democratic poll showing Strickland was only behind three pointstwo weeks ago.

Naugle Greathouse Capture

See that last sentence right there at the bottom?

Yeah, but maybe Keeling and Chabria don’t read Naugle, right?



Notice, Chabria never called that information two weeks ago when Naugle posted it “made up.”

Now, two weeks later, in attempt to deflect the validity of Strickland’s polling which calls Quinnipiac’s numbers into question, he claims that same poll never existed?

Damn, you, Strickland, and you’re infernal secret time machine!

Strickland Haseley Time Machine

[UPDATE:]  Keeling thinks he somehow has pulled one over on me by now claiming that other tracking poll was made up, too.  Again, no evidence to support either the first or the new allegation.  And the last tracking poll Strickland released weeks ago was not alleged by him or Chabria to have been “made up.”

Keeling is just losing his mind and his credibility.