Okay, so I think you might recall I wrote a few weeks ago that I really wanted to see the flip side of the coin in the Strickland campaign’s media strategy and get them to start running positive ads on Strickland’s records.  And I know I wasn’t alone in saying it.

Today, the Strickland campaign announced that they are running two new ads into their rotation.  Both have business leaders talking about what Ted Strickland has done about jobs.  One of the ads highlights the Administrations commitment to green energy.

Pop the popcorn, take a gander, and tell me what you think:



I generally like these kind of anecdotal type ads.  And it’s always good to show bipartisan support for your campaign.

As we saw in the debate, Ted Strickland hasn’t been afraid to talk about his record.  In fact, his opponent is actually trying to claim it for himself.  After spending the months defining Kasich on their terms, now the campaign enters the final months of the campaign (and weeks before early voting) to educate people on what exactly Ted Strickland has done the past four years.

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