Apparently, Mikey no likely Cordray’s ad.  I haven’t even SEEN the ad, or DeWine’s criticism of it before I got Cordray’s campaign spokesman’s response to DeWine:

“When it comes to negative ads, Mike DeWine is a pro.  Mike DeWine ran commercials showing fake, computer-generated footage of the World Trade Center on fire in his failed 2006 re-election campaign, and has proceeded to attack and distort Attorney General Cordray’s strong record of accomplishments since day one of this election. 

“It’s funny that Mike DeWine thinks our commercial is negative when the only reference to the former Senator is that he spent 20 years in Congress.  Apparently both candidates are on the same page that Mike DeWine’s 20-year record in Washington D.C. is not a positive thing. 

“We look forward to sharing Richard Cordray’s record of accomplishments as Attorney General and Mike DeWine’s 20 years in Congress with voters over the next seven weeks as we do with this commercial.”

Bringing up the doctored 9/11 ad already?  Ouch.  Cordray doesn’t pull any punches.   Then again, I guess Wall Street already figured that one out a looong time ago.