Two years later, almost to the day, another swarm of FBI cars goes on a tour of Cuyahoga County, this time picking up perps instead of documents.  Much has been written about Jimmy Dimora & Frank Russo.  Not much about Judges Bridget McCafferty or Steven Terry.  However, McCafferty may become the key to what’s left of this case, and my money is on this lady singing like a bird.

McCafferty got her start working with former Ohio state senator Pat Sweeney, who is now a professor at CSU and a lobbyist. Sweeney was McCafferty’s chief backer early on, making McCafferty part of the west side Cuyahoga County Irish political establishment from the start of her career. Sweeney’s backing almost by itself put McCafferty on the bench.

Problem is, McCafferty is a known incompetent.  Mention her name at the Justice Center, among attorneys, or a room full of Democrats, and eyes roll.  She got to the bench on an Irish last name, period.  On the bench, attorneys will tell you McCafferty has no idea what she is doing. There is dancing this morning in attorney offices countywide.

McCafferty is tied at the hip to every political clique in the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party.  Just look at her endorsement page, and supporters page, both of which I’ve screen capped (here and here) in case it comes down.  It’s the entire establishment, top to bottom.  Every one of these people and groups endorsed McCafferty in a contested primary this May in full knowledge that she’s a total incompetent, and in nearly full knowledge that she was about to get indicted. In fact, during the Stonewall Democrats endorsement meeting this spring, only one person raised a voice that it might not be such a good idea to endorse Bridget McCafferty over her primary opponent in May.  Stonewall endorsed McCafferty anyway.

So where is this gonna go now?  People who want to see Bill Mason go down with this ship, including me, are certainly seeing the arrest of McCafferty as another step closer to Mason.  When Pat O’Malley was arrested long ago, the Mason machine circled the wagons.  Unlike the rest, if there are songs to sing, Bridget McCafferty cannot be counted on to keep her mouth shut.  McCafferty was their dupe, her incompetence was useful.  Now, under indictment and in handcuffs, this sitting judge who had the backing of every single Democratic elected official and constituency in this county, is not so useful anymore.

Stay.  Tuned.  Folks.

  • Doogie64

    Incompetence nothing. This woman is going to get torn up in prision, and die a slow painful death that she desrves. She didn’t cooperate like Russo and others did with “Information Filings” which is basically a plea deal.

    This dumb broad sold the court to a bunch of mobsters. That isn’t incompetence, it is criminal. The fact that the Plain Dealer couldn’t catch this story earlier points to even greater corruption.

    Take a look at the people who endorsed this woman, Mayor Gordon of Beachwood for example. Think that the crime stops at the county level?

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  • Anonymous

    after a quick perusal of the endorsements and supporters caps, i didn’t see dennis kucinich’s name anywhere. can dennis take over the county party and simply appoint whomever he wants in various positions? i need a job. lol

  • Mkapassa

    In the famous words of the Democratic Machine, “She may be an idiot, but she’s our idiot”!!!!!

  • Mkastrab

    That is exactly the attitude that has placed our county on life support. There is a choice this year – I am running against her. Please check out my web site at
    or shoot me an e-mail at I am qualified and ready to serve and am not a scary guy, even though I’m a registered Republican…if people would look beyond labels and take the time to find that out they might just like me.
    Mike Astrab
    Candidate – Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas

  • Redbeard

    You might be “qualified and ready to serve”, so is EVERY OTHER politician. Each of you are criminals. Lie Cheat and Steal. The way it ought to be: PROVE that you are honest, don’t just claim it. All the corrupt ones you point at, said the same things you are saying . Where did it get us? Don’t f*ckin’ talk -DO, retard! Actually, greed such as yours and fellow politicians have “placed our county on life support”. PROVE TO US THAT YOU’RE HONEST !!! WELL BEFORE YOU’RE ELECTED !! Get f*ckin’ busy!

  • You know on November 24, 2010 asked for a separate trial right? Seems typical of the way she thinks. Why would she hide out with her single count of the total 31 counts on the indictment among the several codefendants who are bigger fish if she can shine a big light on herself? Only ex Judge McCafferty knows for sure. Perhaps she is trying to protect her codefendants from those 300 ignored civil cases that McCafferty had signed out to her, discovered after her arrest but not reported on till after she lost the election? It’s just a hunch but if a judge has ignored 300 cases, civil or otherwise, that’s bad right?


    well now she can see how if feels to be locked up for something somebody else did!!! I knew 1 day she would get hers because of wat she did to my brother and our family. All to get back behind that podium (puppet) .. no regard for the fact that just like she has a beautiful family without a criminal back ground at the time, so did we…Its funny how I the tables get turned so quickly when u are a moral monster!!…just been wanting to say that for 10yrs!! sorry!!

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