Two years later, almost to the day, another swarm of FBI cars goes on a tour of Cuyahoga County, this time picking up perps instead of documents.  Much has been written about Jimmy Dimora & Frank Russo.  Not much about Judges Bridget McCafferty or Steven Terry.  However, McCafferty may become the key to what’s left of this case, and my money is on this lady singing like a bird.

McCafferty got her start working with former Ohio state senator Pat Sweeney, who is now a professor at CSU and a lobbyist. Sweeney was McCafferty’s chief backer early on, making McCafferty part of the west side Cuyahoga County Irish political establishment from the start of her career. Sweeney’s backing almost by itself put McCafferty on the bench.

Problem is, McCafferty is a known incompetent.  Mention her name at the Justice Center, among attorneys, or a room full of Democrats, and eyes roll.  She got to the bench on an Irish last name, period.  On the bench, attorneys will tell you McCafferty has no idea what she is doing. There is dancing this morning in attorney offices countywide.

McCafferty is tied at the hip to every political clique in the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party.  Just look at her endorsement page, and supporters page, both of which I’ve screen capped (here and here) in case it comes down.  It’s the entire establishment, top to bottom.  Every one of these people and groups endorsed McCafferty in a contested primary this May in full knowledge that she’s a total incompetent, and in nearly full knowledge that she was about to get indicted. In fact, during the Stonewall Democrats endorsement meeting this spring, only one person raised a voice that it might not be such a good idea to endorse Bridget McCafferty over her primary opponent in May.  Stonewall endorsed McCafferty anyway.

So where is this gonna go now?  People who want to see Bill Mason go down with this ship, including me, are certainly seeing the arrest of McCafferty as another step closer to Mason.  When Pat O’Malley was arrested long ago, the Mason machine circled the wagons.  Unlike the rest, if there are songs to sing, Bridget McCafferty cannot be counted on to keep her mouth shut.  McCafferty was their dupe, her incompetence was useful.  Now, under indictment and in handcuffs, this sitting judge who had the backing of every single Democratic elected official and constituency in this county, is not so useful anymore.

Stay.  Tuned.  Folks.