Kasich loves to talk about his dad being a postal worker in Pennsylvania*. Working class background. All that.

Fact is it’s all a load of crap. Whatever his dad did 50+ years ago, it seems to have had no impact. The guy has turned into a smart-ass, country-club, aloof douche bag. And the proof continues to pour out of his own mouth…

Kasich said he thinks he’s ahead but is trying not to pay attention to the polls.

“Whenever you play golf, if you start counting your score up before you finish, you usually don’t play a very good game,” he said.

Ah yes, a good golf analogy. Red wine anyone?

* yes, John Kasich was born and raised in PA NOT Ohio.

  • Guest

    Ah, yes. A golfer. Proof positive that the man is a “smart-ass, country-club, aloof douche bag”. Plus, he drinks wine!

    Say, isn’t Obama a golfer? Who eats arugula*?



  • You know, I’m kinda getting tired of Plunderbund bloggers trashing Kasich because he golfs and likes red wine. I like golf and red wine, and I still consider myself a good liberal and a good Democrat.

  • I like red wine too. But I’m not running for office pretending I’m some kind of working class hero.

    When you’re trying to portray yourself as a regular guy with working class roots but you actually spend all your time on the golf course shmoozing CEOs for political donations, you need to be a little more careful with your messaging.

  • Brianh0718

    Again with the John Kasich “country club” theme. The self-described “dumbass” who caught Kasich red-handed telling the truth earlier this week said he’d apologize for his baseless accusations when Kasich invites him to his “country club” to do so.

    Does Kasich even belong to a country club? Or is that just another bogus assumption that you douchebags hope catches on if you repeat it often enough?

  • Big Boss

    I could care less about him playing golf or likeing wine. I hate him because he is destroying our state. He has teacher, police and firefighter unions on the chopping block and seems to want to stop at nothing to kill them. When Teachers, police and firefighters have to switch proffesions or leave the state so that they can afford to feed thier children and provide a home for thier family it will make Ohio that much more of a dangerious state filled with uneducated people. If he wants to cut someones pay he should start with his own. Or better yet let us put the government on merit pay like he wants to do to teachers. I’m sure they would just love that. It is said that polititions are like diapers. They need changed often and for the same reason. Ohio just happened to get one that was full of crap before he got elected.

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