Here’s what Governor Strickland and Congressman Kasich said about outsourcing in last night’s debate (Source: ONN/WBNS TV Channel 10)


Except John Kasich knows that Ohio has lost jobs to China… because he’s voted on corporate boards to ship Ohio manufacturing jobs overseas.

John Kasich lied last night to the people of Ohio.  The only question is will anyone in the media call Kasich out on it.

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  • C Gregg

    The industrial plants that my dad, his brother and my wife’s dad have all been outsourced during the era of Reagan, Bush, Kasich. “Johnny” cannot feed our families or thousands of others across Ohio that pack of lies. The bastards made a deal with Communists that has taken prosperity away from the heartland of the United States.

  • Computer says: “No”

  • Urban Space Cowboy

    He’s right, you know. We haven’t been *losing* jobs to China, we’ve been *giving away* jobs to China. Major difference!

  • Modern Esquire

    Comment WIN; American FAIL. Reality Bites. Ben Stiller.

  • Bluerhymer

    John Kasich says Ohio hasn’t lost jobs to China, except he’s been
    personally involved in shipping Ohio jobs overseas
    John helped Park Ohio move American jobs to China

    Obviously he needs to get his story straight for Ohioans

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