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John Kasich, Working Class Hero

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Kasich loves to talk about his dad being a postal worker in Pennsylvania*. Working class background. All that.

Fact is it’s all a load of crap. Whatever his dad did 50+ years ago, it seems to have had no impact. The guy has turned into a smart-ass, country-club, aloof douche bag. And the proof continues to pour out of his own mouth…

Kasich said he thinks he’s ahead but is trying not to pay attention to the polls.

“Whenever you play golf, if you start counting your score up before you finish, you usually don’t play a very good […]

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This is how revolting the Cuyahoga County Democratic party has become.  Bridget McCafferty, who this party has promoted endlessly up the chain because of her Irishness, who has presided over a courtroom for an entire 3 terms, was sitting today in HANDCUFFS, before another judge, and still, incredibly, DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO ENTER A PLEA.

Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Bridget McCafferty, in a red suit, arrived in the courtroom in handcuffs.

She had several spirited discussions with her attorney, Henry Hilow, because she did not want to simply answer “yes” or “no” to the standard […]

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Not so much.

(Tim went down to the courthouse to snap this picture.)

Cleveland Scene reports that Judge McCafferty’s fundraiser tonight has been cancelled.  And yes, she’s up for re-election this November.  And yes, she has a GOP opponent.

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Just like every other week, today we got the latest poll from Rasmussen which essentially confirms what the latest Fox News poll said: this is a 5-7 point race, not a race where Kasich has a double-digit lead like the bipartisanly mocked Dispatch poll has claimed.

Two weeks ago, just as Strickland was beginning to go back on the air after giving the airwaves exclusively to Kasich and the RGA for six straight weeks of constant ads, Rasmussen showed Kasich with a 52% to 40% lead when leaners were included.  A twelve-point lead.

Little over one […]

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Two years later, almost to the day, another swarm of FBI cars goes on a tour of Cuyahoga County, this time picking up perps instead of documents.  Much has been written about Jimmy Dimora & Frank Russo.  Not much about Judges Bridget McCafferty or Steven Terry.  However, McCafferty may become the key to what’s left of this case, and my money is on this lady singing like a bird.

McCafferty got her start working with former Ohio state senator Pat Sweeney, who is now a professor at CSU and a lobbyist. Sweeney was McCafferty’s chief backer early […]

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(Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer)

(Source: NOT the Cleveland Plain Dealer)

FBI spokesman Scott Wilson confirmed early today that arrests are being made this morning in connection with the Cuyahoga County corruption scandal. He would not name any people being arrested, citing the sensitivity of the case.

A second and third FBI vehicle pulled into the headquarters shortly after 7:30 a.m. transporting more suspects.

This is days after former County Auditor Frank Russo announced his sudden resignation as a plea deal with federal prosecutors in the two-year corruption probe become public.

Eight people total were […]

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Here’s what Governor Strickland and Congressman Kasich said about outsourcing in last night’s debate (Source: ONN/WBNS TV Channel 10)


Except John Kasich knows that Ohio has lost jobs to China… because he’s voted on corporate boards to ship Ohio manufacturing jobs overseas.

John Kasich lied last night to the people of Ohio.  The only question is will anyone in the media call Kasich out on it.

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I had relatively low expectations for the debate.  I tend to think that they’re always draws.  And I think State debates are particularly overanalyzed as, let’s face, most people who watch them are already decided.  What matters more is going to be the fact-checking articles, and the coverage in the morning as more people  will see the debate through them than tonight.  The other is did the debate created any fodder for ads.

Look, you can dismiss my analysis of the debate as a Strickland backer.  So let’s judge it based on what the media said, pre-debate, each campaign needed […]

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