Governor Strickland made the announced today according to the Columbus Dispatch.

Continental Structural Plastics had planned to close its faciltiy in the Village of North Baltimore, but after union workers at the plant approved Tha new three-year labor agreement, the facility is staying open, Strickland announced today, citing press reports.

The governor hailed the news while echoing a line in television ads run by the Republican Governors Association that end with, "Strickland didn’t get the jobs done."

“I want to commend all those who refused to give up when the chips were down,” Strickland said. “We can yield to the critics out there who are down on Ohio, or we can keep working together to move our state forward. This is a great example of Ohioans working together to get the job done.

This is the same day that the Dispatch reported that the CEO of that company said Ohio’s regulatory environment had nothing to do with the decision:

But the company’s CEO, Bruce Landino, told The Dispatch yesterday that operational costs – not the Ohio EPA – were behind the decision.

"It has nothing to do with regulatory issues or the political climate or anything else," Landino said. "It’s just not making any money in that location."

So, Kasich just lost a major talking point, and like the Hugo Boss plant in Brooklyn—whose effort by Strickland Kasich’s supporters scoffed at—turns into a significant victory for Governor Strickland and Ohio.