I’ve been on the losing side of an election before, but not quite like this one – being the candidate, and all.  So I’m still in varying stages of coma.  But one thing is certain.  I plan to continue advocating to ban the box on employment applications asking about a criminal record.  It is wrong, and it must stop.  Period.

I wrote a piece on this subject for The Independent, we pushed hard on the issue during the campaign, and here’s a video of me talking about it.

I relied a great deal on the research from the National Employment Law Project, a non-profit which advocates “ban the box” legislation among a great many other fair employment laws.  Over 20 jurisdictions have banned the box.  I had hoped to make Cuyahoga County the next one. That fight now waits for another day.

In the meantime, please go to their Facebook page, and hit “like“.  I want to let the folks at NELP know their efforts are not wasted, and that here in Ohio, at least a few people are on their side.