John Kasich has been trying to sell people his story that Ohio’s regulatory climate is hurting job growth and forcing companies to leave the state.

His primary example has been Continental Structural Plastics, which had been planning to open a plant in Huntington, Indiana and close its plant in North Baltimore, Ohio.

In Kasich’s interview with the Dispatch yesterday he blamed the move on the Ohio EPA:

“Up in North Baltimore, you had the (state Environmental Protection Agency) put the heat on the company,” Kasich said. “You know where they are now? They’re in Indiana.”

Surprisingly, the Dispatch actually followed up on this claim and it turned out to be a complete lie.

But the company’s CEO, Bruce Landino, told The Dispatch yesterday that operational costs – not the Ohio EPA – were behind the decision.

About 30 seconds ago I just heard that they aren’t going to close the plant at all!

According to The Courier:

Unionized Continental Structural Plastics workers have approved a three-year labor pact, keeping the factory open and their wages and benefits intact.

I’m looking forward to the debate tonight to see if Kasich’s team can rework their talking points in time.