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Governor Strickland made the announced today according to the Columbus Dispatch.

Continental Structural Plastics had planned to close its faciltiy in the Village of North Baltimore, but after union workers at the plant approved Tha new three-year labor agreement, the facility is staying open, Strickland announced today, citing press reports.

The governor hailed the news while echoing a line in television ads run by the Republican Governors Association that end with, "Strickland didn’t get the jobs done."

“I want to commend all those who refused to give up when the chips were down,” Strickland said. “We can […]

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First Gubernatorial Debate Live Chat

On September 14, 2010 By

The debate starts at 8:00PM. It will be broadcast live on ONN but you can watch also watch it online at ONNTV.COM

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First Gubenatorial Debate

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John Kasich has been trying to sell people his story that Ohio’s regulatory climate is hurting job growth and forcing companies to leave the state.

His primary example has been Continental Structural Plastics, which had been planning to open a plant in Huntington, Indiana and close its plant in North Baltimore, Ohio.

In Kasich’s interview with the Dispatch yesterday he blamed the move on the Ohio EPA:

“Up in North Baltimore, you had the (state Environmental Protection Agency) put the heat on the company,” Kasich said. “You know where they are now? They’re in Indiana.”

Surprisingly, the Dispatch actually […]

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I’ve been on the losing side of an election before, but not quite like this one – being the candidate, and all.  So I’m still in varying stages of coma.  But one thing is certain.  I plan to continue advocating to ban the box on employment applications asking about a criminal record.  It is wrong, and it must stop.  Period.

I wrote a piece on this subject for The Independent, we pushed hard on the issue during the campaign, and here’s a video of me talking about it.

I relied a great deal on the research from […]

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(First, I don’t know why my photos turned out so dark.  Sorry.)

On Thursday, the Fisher campaign announced a rally with President Bill Clinton for Sunday evening in Cincinnati—which is considered to be Rob Portman’s base.  By Sunday, they had packed house that had to resort to having overflow seating and speakers placed outside the venue.

The event started with Hamilton County Commissioner candidate Jim Tarbell playing the “Star-Spangled Banner” rockin’ it on the harmonica.  Complete with Jimi Hendrix riffs.  No, I’m serious.

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory entered like a rock star.  And I don’t mean that figuratively.  It […]

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John Kasich didn’t exactly “wow” the Columbus Dispatch’s editorial board that will still manage to find a way to endorse him despite making observations about his endorsement interview like:

Although Strickland didn’t appear to make any glaring misstatements during a two-hour appearance with Kasich before the Dispatch editorial board Friday, Kasich cited several “facts” that were either wrong or misleading.

They included mistaking Steubenville for Youngstown in criticism of school funding, using budget figures in a questionable way and assigning untrue motives for an Ohio company’s move to Indiana.

Kasich, who has signed a pledge not to raise […]

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