From the daily archives: Monday, September 13, 2010

Yes, the gap is still noticeable.  However, the trends are as well.

Although the GOP has returned to a five point-gap this week on the genericc congressional ballot this week, you have to wonder how.  Here are some of the internals within Gallup’s poll this week.  (All results are of registered voters.)

Voter enthusiasm among Democratic voters jumped up six points.  The biggest single movement anywhere in Gallup’s polling.  Voter enthusiasm by Democratic voters exceed that of Independents by five points.  With GOP enthusiasm dropping a statistically insignificant point and two with Independents, the voter enthusiasm gap has […]

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But then again, President Bush at least waited until AFTER the election before he admitted he’d break his no new taxes pledge.  Kasich did it Saturday some 17 days before Early Voting.

Notice what else is missing from Kasich in Saturday’s Dispatch?  Not only does he admit that he’s willing to consider abolishing tax expenditures (targeted tax cuts) to balance the budget, but there’s no mention by Kasich of his proposal to repeal Ohio’s income and estate taxes.  Only Governor Strickland brought it up.

The realities of, you know, having to govern are finally starting to sink […]

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John Kasich is a piece of work.  He signs the Americans for Tax Reforms’ pledge not to “raise any taxes.”  Jon Keeling tries to parce Governor Strickland’s comments to the Columbus Dispatch and says it means that, unlike Kasich, Strickland refuses to take possible tax increases off the table to balance Ohio’s next budget (which ended in the black this year.)

Perhaps Keeling should have read the rest of the article.  Because if he had, he would have seen a statement that shows Kasich has an exception to his “no new taxes” pledge that swallows the […]

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Join us tomorrow at 8pm when we’ll be hosting a live debate chat. Some of us may well even BE there. We’ll do the usual CoverItLive thing. Hope you can join us!

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