Today is “Burn a Confederate Flag Day“, and Plunderbund had plans. Grand plans. Unfortunately, the best laid plans of mice and men can be foiled by something as simple as the weather. In our case, it was too windy to get things going with a lighter, and too dry to (safely) build a fire to use (and we didn’t have time to build an improved firepit). But it’s the thought that counts, right? The Confederate flag is a symbol of sedition against the Union, and representative of a movement that tried to destroy our country to protect the “right” to keep slaves.

Please note the “Defender of the Union” slung on my back. We’re patriots here at Plunderbund.

  • Safety First!

  • I could get it to light, but it was a slow process that didn’t make for good video, as the wind would immediately blow out any flame, leaving embers. Sigh. Oh well.

  • well at least some hillbilly didn’t run up and grab your flag and yell “dude you HAVE no rebel flag!” lol

  • The wind? Or was it God’s will (and His unseen breath) that prevented you from burning the flag?

  • That is a hypothesis I hadn’t considered.

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