If Jon Keeling didn’t have a record of getting the Ohio media to incorporate his B.S. narratives so much in their reporting, I wouldn’t bother.  But Keeling (and by extension, the Kasich campaign) is trying to spread a rumor that the Democratic Governor’s Association is pulling out of Ohio.

But it’s not true, as I have confirmed it with the DGA.  But beyond that, just last week, the DGA filed a complaint against Fox News with the Ohio Elections Commission concerning their free advertisement of John Kasich’s campaign and assistance in on-air campaign fundraising.  This week, they’ve got a new ad airing in Ohio.  If anything, the DGA has started to step up its activities in Ohio.

Keeling’s entirely false story is based on a–get this–a RealClearPolitics story that claimed that at a Sept. 9 panel by the DGA, DGA Executive Director failed to mention Ohio at all as a critical race to watch.  Yes, it’s true that at one point in the program the panel discussed Florida, Texas, and California as races to watch.  However, as those races would be Democratic pickups and the event was billed as “Gubernatorial Opportunities for Democrats,” it’s entirely expected that such an event would then, at some point, discuss where the Democrats expect to perhaps pick up some Governorships instead of where they’re playing defense.

But it’s entirely untrue that Nathan Daschle, the Executive Director of the DGA, never mentioned Ohio or stressed his importance as Keeling has repeatedly claimed this week.  Either Keeling is a liar, or he never bothered to actually watch the event he was writing about.

For reasons I cannot figure out, C-SPAN won’t let me embed or otherwise download the clip in its entirely or so I can just edit out the irrelevant portion.  However, their site does allow you to create a link to play a snippet of their footage.  Click on this link and it takes you right to where Daschle talks about how Ohio is a critical race where our ground game will be a huge advantage.  CASE CLOSED.

Barack Obama has been in the State ten times for both the Governor and Senate races.  Bill Clinton is in town this weekend for both campaigns.  These things don’t happen in races national Democrats have written off.

Keeling is engaged in a misinformation campaign to try to portray Kasich’s strength in the electorate stronger than it is.  He’s trying to depress Democratic turnout.  And I’ll tell you why: because he knows that Strickland’s ad campaign and the missteps of the Kasich campaign over the past month are starting to take root. 

Keeling will be gone come November.  His entire existence has been to be an astroturfing blogger for John Kasich because none of the actual conservative bloggers in Ohio actually care.  (How’s THAT for an enthusiasm gap?)  And because he’s nothing more than an astrotrufing whore for that campaign that will end on November 3rd, he doesn’t care one whit about his credibility long-term because he’s not invested in blogging about Ohio long-term.  That’s why he doesn’t care how many times he’s been busted out right making stuff up.

I’m getting sick of having to take time out to deal with his crap, but I’ve learned from experience in past elections you can’t let stuff like this go unanswered.

Maybe next time, Keeling should try to make up a rumor where there isn’t video footage about the event (yet again).


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