According to the Youngstown Business Journal:

Kasich Promises Openness for JobsOhio

Sept. 10, 2010 6:30 a.m.
By George Nelson
YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Transparency will be a feature of the nonprofit corporation John Kasich wants to replace the Ohio Department of Development with, the Republican gubernatorial candidate said Thursday.

And yet, here’s John Kasich at the press gaggle at his announcement of JobsOhio:

Is anyone in the media going to call Kasich out on this whopper?  Or is just us?

Also, John Kasich’s campaign spokesman implicitly praised Governor Strickland’s record on worker training programs—at an event in which the campaign was intending to distinguish itself on the issue from the Governor. 

According to the Youngstown Vindicator (which noted that just a month earlier, local business leaders indicated that they had no problem with Ohio’s worker training programs), Kasich campaign spokesman said:

“The type of collaboration that’s occurred in the Valley is an example of what can benefit businesses across Ohio,” Rob Nichols, a Kasich-Taylor spokesman, said after Thursday’s event. “Businesses and training centers work closely in the Valley in an innovative way to address training needs.”

Of course, Nichols has missed the part where that collaboration has occurred with the direct encouragement and support of Governor Strickland.  And, of course, nobody in the media noted that.

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