From the daily archives: Friday, September 10, 2010

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Just in case you missed it.  Also, note the second part of the initial footage in which […]

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So imagine how surprised I was when I saw ProgressOhio tweet about how ThinkProgress’ “Wonk Room” wrote about Kasich’s JobsOhio plan and cited posts written by lil’ ol’ me?

Besides citing yours truly, though, ThinkProgress also mentioned this story in the Columbus Business Journal about how Michigan’s privatized program has lead to considerable woes.  Like the $9 million it gave to a convicted embezzler still on parole who was living in a trailer.

One neighboring state, West Virginia, the Columbus Business Journal actually went back to a state run agency […]

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It’s downright shameful how Governor Strickland keeps using his time machine to go back in time and do the things that Kasich is promising to do in the future.

It’s almost like the Governor is trying to talk about his record and make the Kasich campaign look incompetent about what has been going in this State while he’s been Governor.

Although it’s not like its a secret that Strickland has use of such a time machine… have you not seen the Governor’s official car?

How much as your time traveling ways cost us, Governor?!  Jon Keeling demands […]

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According to the Youngstown Business Journal:

Kasich Promises Openness for JobsOhio

Sept. 10, 2010 6:30 a.m.
By George Nelson
YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Transparency will be a feature of the nonprofit corporation John Kasich wants to replace the Ohio Department of Development with, the Republican gubernatorial candidate said Thursday.

And yet, here’s John Kasich at the press gaggle at his announcement of JobsOhio:

Is anyone in the media going to call Kasich out on this whopper?  Or is just us?

Also, John Kasich’s campaign spokesman implicitly praised Governor Strickland’s record on worker training programs—at an event […]

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You must read Joe Klein’s “Swampland” Blog Post on Time Magazine.

I always saw Kasich as more a legislative character than an executive–he was too wild, too undisciplined and wonky–and though he’s aged some, he remains the same John Kasich. When I caught up with him this morning, he was holding a press conference in a factory, announcing a new job training initiative, flailing his arms around a convoluted box-and-line chart, saying, “Look at all this stuff–all these programs–and no coordination!” The trouble was, his solution was, well, incomprehensible.

He wanted to create a new board supervising the […]

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