Remember Kasich’s announcement last week? The one with the big stack of books? The one where he promised to take calls from anyone who has a problem?

“You’re going to call me,” Kasich said. “You got some knucklehead in there in an agency that doesn’t want to listen, you got bureaucrats in there that don’t want to listen and they frustrate out people, you’re going to get to me and we’re going to deal with it, because we’re not going to let anyone get in the way of jobs.”

Well when I heard that I was immediately reminded of a story I heard about John Kasich’s “availability” when he was a Congressman…

When John Kasich was in Congress, homelessness was a growing national concern, just as it is today. I was an advocate on behalf of the homeless and went to Washington DC to try and lobby Congress for additional funding. I joined with a group of advocates who met with then-Congressman Chalmers Wylie and toured a local shelter. During the tour, Congressman Wylie ran into a former appointee of Gov. Jim Rhodes who had fallen on hard times and was living in the shelter. Congressman Wylie was very moved by this encounter, realized that people from all walks of life could end up homeless and agreed to help find additional federal money to support shelters nationwide.

While we were in town, we called the other central Ohio Congressman, John Kasich, to see if he would join Congressman Wylie and help this important cause. Kasich refused to even meet with us

His staff said he was only meeting with people who had plans to cut federal spending. We went to his office anyway. Once again, we were told he would not even speak to us. so we waited, and waited and waited. His staff asked us to leave to risk arrest for trespassing. We did not leave, Congressman Kasich had us arrested and we all spent the night in a DC jail.