Glad the Paula Brooks campaign isn’t letting Tiberi get away with his latest fluff piece/horribly misleading ad. Tiberi has been in Congress representing the 12th since our boy John Kasich handed him the job in 2001. For Pat to be pretending that he’s from Main Street is just laughable. He’s the worst kind of Washington GOPer insider. He’s the biggest kind of patsy Congressman. Always a reliable vote no matter what agenda the Republicans in Congress are pursuing.

Pat either thinks the voters of the 12th are stupid or they have short memories. He also thinks he can’t lose.

True, he hasn’t – but he hasn’t faced a strong candidate in a well funded race either. Modern has previously pointed out how Pat not spreading around his money to other candidates indicates he views Paula as a legit threat. This ad shows it too.

It’s supposed to be a Republican tidal wave, right? Why wouldn’t you just run some nice ads talking about how you’ve represented your district as a Republican solidly over the course of a decade?

Because Pat’s the Washington insider, that’s why. This is a political climate that is not very favorable to Washington insiders and Pat is running scared. He is running away from his past and trying to create the narrative that he’s somehow more main street. He’s also running away from his record. You’ll note his ad makes no mention of it.

Washington can learn a few things from Main Street America? What have you learned in your decade in Congress from Main Street, Pat? A DECADE. Hell, it’s pretty much the only “job” Pat has ever had. From his bio:

…Next, Pat enrolled in The Ohio State University, where he played the trumpet in The Ohio State University Marching Band. In addition to his studies and band commitments, Pat worked at various jobs around town to earn the money to pay for his tuition. He graduated with a degree in journalism, but instead found himself serving his future constituents as an aide to then-Congressman John Kasich. He later decided to expand his opportunities to serve the community through election to public office and was chosen to serve in the Ohio Legislature where he eventually rose to the position of majority leader.

Congressman Tiberi was first elected to serve the people of Ohio’s 12th Congressional District (comprised of Delaware County and portions of Franklin and Licking Counties) in November 2000.

You get that? His most important contribution before being elected to office was in the band. Best Damned and all that, but still. THE BAND. Aide to Kasich. Ohio legislature. U.S. Congress.

Nothing says Washington outsider like never having had any other job but elected office. LOL.

Pat Tiberi has spent the last 10 years – a full DECADE – in Congress and what did we get for it? Seems like a fair question. I think there are many questions about Pat Tiberi that needs answer. We look forward to exploring them here on Plunderbund.

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