After spending much of yesterday begging supporters to take free tickets to Kasich’s Columbiana County rally yesterday.  The Kasich campaign switched gears and hyped a “MAJOR” announcement in a very special web episode of “Johnny and Mary.”

I was in court this morning, so I missed it.  Apparently, I’m not the only one.

From Marc Kovac of Dix Newspapers (OhioCapitolBlog):



How about RightOhio’s Matt Naugle?


Now mind you, today’s announcement was Kasich’s unveiling his worker training reform package.  Yeah, I know.  Nothing gets voters excited like a technocrat candidate running on reorganizing a government organization chart around.

So bad was the webcast that the initial story from the Dispatch about it featured only the technical problems, it barely mentioned Kasich’s policy proposal.

It did note this one successful trick of social media ninja greatness:

As video — it was a terrible feed — streamed of Kasich and Taylor outlining their plans for job training, a message played below the screen.

“Kasich Outsourced Ohio,” the message said, followed by a sub-head, saying, “John Kasich outsourced Ohio jobs and made millions on Wall Street.”

The Ohio Democratic Party got wind of the Kasich event and bought a Google Ad to run while it was in progress.

This is not the first time that John Kasich was done in by inconvenient Google ads, either.  It happened during Kasich’s web announcement that Mary Taylor would be his running mate:

“LOL- Every time one of them says jobs, an ad ADVERTSING HIRING pops up at the bottom.? I suspect Todd Hoffman is behind this.”

So more people got to watch the Ohio Democratic Party’s anti-Kasich Google ads running during the Kasich campaign’s intermittent broadcast of a chat room than were able to take away from the actual Kasich event itself.

What’s worse. Yep, you guessed it.  The Strickland campaign pointed out that Kasich’s plan has some strong resemblance to what Ted Strickland has done as Governor.

Kasich says he wants to consolidate training programs, but Strickland already has.

The Executive Order Realigned Job Training Staff And Funding To Better Meet The Needs Of Business. According to the Plain Dealer, “Strickland today ordered the shift of some $30 million and two dozen staffers to better serve the worker-training needs of Ohio’s companies…As a result of the order, $31 million in worker-training programs and 29 staffers will move to the Ohio Department of Development, from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. The move shifts worker training from ODJFS’s human-services focus to ODOD’s job-growth aims.  Business leaders like the move. Worker-training money will now be controlled by the agency that best knows what employers are looking for,’ said Baiju Shah, chief executive of BioEnterprise, the bioscience development organization. ‘Before, there was a complete disconnect.’ … State officials said the heightened focus on worker training means Ohio will no longer leave millions of federal dollars ‘on the table.'” [Plain Dealer 3/27/2008]
The Executive Order Consolidated Targeted Industries Training Grants And Ohio Skills Bank. According to the Plain Dealer, “Other changes under Strickland’s executive order include: Shifting $2.7 million in Targeted Industries Training Grants to ODOD, from the Ohio Board of Regents. The reimbursement program covers up to 75 percent of training for companies with less than 100 workers, or 50 percent of training for companies with more than 100 employees; Shifting the Ohio Skills Bank program and its four employees to the Regents board, from ODJFS. The fledgling skills bank calls for 12 regional teams of educators, business experts and others to identify skill shortages and tackle them through high school, college and worker-training programs and curriculum. ‘It gives us a significant capability that was missing,’ said Regents Chancellor Eric Fingerhut. ‘We’ve heard frequent concerns from business over whether we are producing the right mix of talent and skills.'” [Plain Dealer 3/27/2008]
Chamber Of Commerce Leader: Strickland Job Training Consolidation Puts Ohio On Pace With National Leaders. According to the Plain Dealer, “Business leaders said Strickland’s moves integrate the state’s far-flung worker-training programs. ‘We know the Ohio Skills Bank is where we should shout out the demands for the Northeast Ohio workforce,’ said Joe Roman, president of the Greater Cleveland Partnership, the region’s largest chamber of commerce.  Linking companies’ talent needs with the ODOD and higher education creates “a very powerful triumvirate that can build over time and be much more efficient,” said Roman, whose organization has made work force development a top priority. Other states, like North Carolina and Texas, have plied similar strategies and are considered national leaders. Ohio must catch up, said Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher, who’s also head of ODOD.” [Plain Dealer 3/27/2008]

Kasich says he wants to give workers vouchers for training, but the State already does that:

“According to the Department of Development, “The Ohio Workforce Guarantee Program (OWG) supports companies that are making investments in facilities, equipment and training that result in the retention and creation of jobs for Ohioans. The OWG is one of the few programs in Ohio that provides direct financial support to employers for training. Employers have the ability to choose the training provider whether it is a company employee or an outside training provider. The OWG pays for a portion of instructor salaries, materials, travel and special needs. Payments are made on a reimbursement basis. Most types of training associated with an investment project are eligible.” [Department of Development, Viewed 9/7/2010]

Kasich proposing using proceeds from the new casinos to fund worker training grants, but when Governor Strickland proposed it, Republicans in the legislature opposed him:

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, “Comprehensive proposed casino rules spelled out in a bill from the Republican-controlled Senate leave decisions on spending the license fee money for future legislative action. The bill from the Democrat-controlled House allocates the money to four job training programs… $60 million for Ohio’s Workforce Guarantee Program, which aims to avert layoffs and spur business expansion by providing training resources to companies. The program, which dates back to 1979, currently has a $7.4 million budget, down from $22 million in the previous fiscal year…A spokeswoman for Strickland said the House’s proposal aligns with plans to spend the license money on specific job training programs outlined in his State of the State address early this year.” [Cincinnati Enquirer, 5/30/2010]

And I haven’t even gotten to the multiple instances in Congress in which John Kasich proposed entirely defunding the very federal programs he’s talked about using today!

We all know of Kasich’s infamous temper.  I wouldn’t be surprised that some unfortunately staffer is carting  a bankers box of their possession out to their car at the campaign HQ’s parking lot right now while John and Mary try to swallow down their lunch of FAIL sandwiches.

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