If you’re wondering who Governor Strickland is riding shotgun with, it’s General Motors North America President Mark Reuss (photo credit: Akron Beacon Journal).  The car they’re driving in is the first Chevy Cruze to roll off the production line at GM’s Lordstown plant—GM’s new compact model intended to give Toyota and Honda a run for its money, or, yen.

It’s a symbol of Ohio’s reemergence as a manufacturing power.  And it cuts into the heart of John Kasich’s campaign.  John Kasich has said he opposed bailing out companies like GM.  As have just about every other Republican running this election, including Rob Portman even though he helped the Bush Administration sell TARP to a skeptical public, press, and Congress.

That car would not exist if John Kasich had his way.  Those jobs in Lordstown would not, either.  Nor would the hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs involved in manufacturing, supplying, and assembling the components of that car.  That picture is a four-wheeled message that Ohio is open to businesses with Ted Strickland as Governor.

NAFTA and other free trade deals that Strickland opposed in Congress, and Kasich supported, did exactly what Strickland said they’d do—be bad for Ohio’s economy and cost Ohio hundreds of thousands of jobs.  Kasich said the 1993 Clinton stimulus plan would increase the deficit and hurt our economy.  Ted Strickland said Kasich was wrong.  Ted was right; Kasich wrong.

Time and time again, Ted Strickland has been right and John Kasich has been wrong about what policies help and what policies would hurt our economy.  After decades of being on the wrong side of Ted Strickland’s policy debates, John Kasich has finally decided to end  his gubernatorial campaign by promising to do what Ted Strickland has already done: lower taxes, common sense regulatory reform, and less government spending.

Today, John Kasich unveiled his third policy rollout—worker training reform.  Reform that a group of business leaders told Mary Taylor a few weeks ago they didn’t see a need.  Why?

Because Ted Strickland has already reformed Ohio’s training programs.

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If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em I guess.  John Kasich has redefined what it means to “run on your opponent’s record.”

  • actually the real success will be when GM sells that car. then we will now that the whole system is re-primed and ready to go. great photoshop hilarity btw.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, Steve, the car is already selling really well abroad. This is from the Governor’s release the other day: “The Cruze is already Chevrolet’s top-selling car worldwide this year, with more than 165,000 sold, and second only to the Silverado full-size pickup for all Chevrolet vehicles – even before sales begin this month in the United States.”

  • Dave

    And how do it’s sales compare to other car companies outside of GM? Context is important you know.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll see what I can find. BTW, I miss your blog.

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