Buckeye State Blog hit something that I had noticed pointed out elsewhere.

Good catch, guys.

Now what’s unusual about this is that it’s usually the challenger that’s angling for debates.

But these guys, well, they just don’t do well outside of their comfort zone of 425

unchallenged GOP talking points.  Both guys on the issues are not very strong.  Ganley’s website goes to great pains to actually distance himself from John Boehner’s plan on Social Security.  Boccieri’s opponents spends a considerable amount of time on his Issues page just responding to attacks by Boccieri.

Still, they at least still have SOME content on their issues page… unlike former Congressman Steve Chabot who still has this:


The Republicans are running a scam of a campaign.  They have no ideas of their own.

Boccieri even crashed his own opponent’s “town hall” event and turned it into a debate.  So much for saying Democrats weren’t willing to defend their record.

We’ll debate our record, if they’ll debate their ideas.