He’s been in Ohio almost as much as Bush cleared brush in Crawford.

Much of the national media mentioned that Obama mentioned Ohioan House Minority Leader John Boehner, by name, eight times.  There’s a reason why.

Public Policy Polling (PPP) recently found that not even voters in Ohio want to see John Boehner become the Speaker of the House.

Only 28% of voters in the state want Boehner to become Speaker of the House if Republicans get the majority this fall while 44% explicitly say they want someone else and 28% are unsure. Republicans do by a 54/15 margin want Boehner to ascend to the top spot but Democrats (73/6) and independents (41/22) are not swayed by home state pride and think the GOP should pick someone else if they get in control.

42% of Ohio voters say they don’t know enough about Boehner to rate him one way or the other. Among those who do 27% see him positively and 31% have an unfavorable view. Democrats (53%) dislike him more than Republicans (51%) like him and independents go against him by a 22/27 margin as well.

This speech goes to the heart of the Kasich/Portman candidacies.  Watch it.  Forward it.

The President specifically mentioned that Ohio’s economy was doing worse the first eight years of this decade during mostly Republican rule than in the past year.

The President proposes targeted tax cuts for small businesses that will less costly and more effective in creating jobs.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Obama when he ran.  But when he says our tax code should award companies that make jobs in America, not overseas, he’s hitting the right notes.  I really liked this speech because it frames this election perfectly.

Lee Fisher issued this statement after the President’s speech:

““Ohioans need a senator focused on creating jobs here in Ohio – not in China. It’s clear that more needs to be done to create jobs and grow our economy, which is why I support rebuilding our infrastructure while cutting taxes to encourage businesses to hire new workers and invest. However, I would only support such a proposal if it was fully paid for, in part by ending tax breaks for companies that ship Ohio jobs overseas which Congressman Portman has repeatedly supported during his two decades in Washington.”

Today, the Strickland campaign announced that former President Bill Clinton is going to be campaigning with the Governor in Cleveland and Columbus this month.  Big Dog in the House.

I’m starting to feel upbeat again

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