Some days, I really don’t even think Matt Naugle believes what he writes.

Today, Matt Naugle accuses the Fisher campaign of being racist for….

….using Asian actors to portray Chinese workers.

Matt’s right.  The Fisher campaign should have used non-Asian actors to portray Chinese workers.  How dare they!

[UPDATED:] Matt goes all in crazy.  Equates the Fisher ad to Willie Horton.


Naugle’s entire post is that featuring any one of any race other than a white person must be racist.

He honestly doesn’t think that Fisher’s use is no different than the Bush campaign gratuitous and otherwise completely irrelevant decision to inject Willie Horton’s race, using a scary booking photo, as a criticism of Dukasis’ prison furlough program.

Seriously, Matt? 

You’re telling us this:

Is no different from THIS?!?

Are you fuckin’ shitting me?

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  • He’s not having one of his best days…or is he?

  • They definitely should have hired Jerry Lewis. He does a mean impersonation of a Chinaman. Definitely much less racist… “Ohhh… me want you jobs. Me hate America and poison you toys. “

  • Anonymous

    what’s all this talk about chinamen?

    Morrissey: Chinese People Are A ‘Subspecies’

  • Anonymous

    Hey Naugle, you should know better. Democrats own the exclusive right to divisive race baiting.

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