From the daily archives: Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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He’s been in Ohio almost as much as Bush cleared brush in Crawford.

Much of the national media mentioned that Obama mentioned Ohioan House Minority Leader John Boehner, by name, eight times.  There’s a reason why.

Public Policy Polling (PPP) recently found that not even voters in Ohio want to see John Boehner become the Speaker of the House.

Only 28% of voters in the state want Boehner to become Speaker of the House if Republicans get the majority this fall while 44% explicitly say they want someone else and 28% are unsure. Republicans do by […]

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According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Jon Husted has decided to drop out of the Cleveland City Club debate with his Democratic opponent Maryellen O’Shaughnessy.

The debate was scheduled for September 29th.  Both campaigns had confirmed their attendance.

Husted’s reason?  He’s scheduled to do nine joint appearances with O’Shaughnessy.  Not sure how many of those are nothing more than editorial board meetings with Ohio’s newspapers. [UPDATE:] Yep.  We’ve confirmed with the O’Shaugnessy campaign that Husted’s “nine joint appearances” consists of two planned debates, and the rest were joint appearances in front of Ohio newspaper’s editorial boards seeking […]

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(HT: Think Progress)

Here’s some video from yesterday’s unofficial debate between John Boccieri and his opponent at his opponent’s “town hall” event.

The federal government needs to get out of the way and have local governments on civil rights.  Says its not a federal issue…

RENACCI: […] A lot of the problems you’re talking about are local issues. And I’m also a firm believer that the federal government and our Constitution was based on freedom, and was based on the freedoms that our number one goal of our military is freedom. We need to get our federal government […]

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Buckeye State Blog hit something that I had noticed pointed out elsewhere.

Tom Ganley is refusing to debate Congresswoman Betty Sutton. So is John Boccieri’s opponent.

Good catch, guys.

Now what’s unusual about this is that it’s usually the challenger that’s angling for debates.

But these guys, well, they just don’t do well outside of their comfort zone of 425

unchallenged GOP talking points.  Both guys on the issues are not very strong.  Ganley’s website goes to great pains to actually distance himself from John Boehner’s plan on Social Security.  Boccieri’s opponents spends a considerable amount […]

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I don’t like to run a press release, but I admit that this one is chock full of good quotes.  Today, Governor Strickland joined Senator Sherrod Brown, Congressman Tim Ryan and Lt. Governor Lee Fisher in welcoming the roll out of the Chevy Cruze at GM’s Lordstown Plant.  Strickland points out that if the Republicans running this election had their way, these manufacturing jobs wouldn’t exist:

“You know the critics out there, they’re always quick with a complaint and firm in their conclusions,” Strickland said. "Frankly, they’ve long since written off manufacturing in Ohio. They say it has no future […]

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Some days, I really don’t even think Matt Naugle believes what he writes.

Today, Matt Naugle accuses the Fisher campaign of being racist for….

….using Asian actors to portray Chinese workers.

Matt’s right.  The Fisher campaign should have used non-Asian actors to portray Chinese workers.  How dare they!

[UPDATED:] Matt goes all in crazy.  Equates the Fisher ad to Willie Horton.

Naugle’s entire post is that featuring any one of any race other than a white person must be racist.

He honestly doesn’t think that Fisher’s use is no different than the Bush […]

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The Washington Post’s Ezra Kline wrote about Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels’ (who is absolutely, in no way, contemplating a ‘12 GOP Presidential campaign; he’s just trying to be helpful) recently announced plan for stimulating the economy nationally:

From my reporting, the problem wouldn’t be in the White House. It would be in Congress. I’ve asked a number of Republican offices whether they’d be willing to work with the Democrats on a payroll-tax holiday. Without fail, they’ve told me no, that they no longer support a payroll-tax holiday given the size of the deficit.

Hey, what’s the centerpiece […]

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Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.  Here’s Pam Geller on Fox Business (WTF does this have to do with business news, btw?) discussing the plan by an attention whore of a radical, rightwing church to burn the Koran on 9/11:

From her own blog:

“If Americans are free and not under Sharia, then the church can do this if it wants, and their freedom and rights should be protected. Islamic supremacists should not be allowed a victory for their violent intimidation — if these people want to burn a book, they’re free to do so.” “If they […]

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