Last week, there was a large amount of GOP crowing about how Gallup’s registered voters poll on the generic Congressional ballot showed the GOP at a ten-point lead.  That’s the largest lead the GOP had ever had, or, frankly, any lead the Democrats had.

One week later….

2010 Trend: Candidate Preferences in 2010 Congressional Elections

It disappeared.



From ten points up to tied in a week.  A ten-point swing in a week.  The only thing that could attribute such a swing is the end of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

(Roughly a month earlier, the Democrats had a short-lived six-point lead.)

I’ve noticed the Gallup poll isn’t getting nearly as much attention today that it did last week.  Funny how that happens this media cycle.

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  • seditious

    I suspect that the non-stop talk about a GOP landslide is intended to give cover for the Republican-owned electronic voting machine companies to steal many races.

    Anyone who trusts the black box voting machines is a lunatic.

  • Anonymous

    A gop landslide will be directly attributable to a depressed democratic base, from which the dem leadership will learn absolutely nothing. That’s just how they roll.

  • Anonymous

    Grasping at straws. Enjoy the delusion. You guys are gonna lose … big. This is so much fun.

  • heh. not as fun as watching mccain and palin flame out while bush left an office obama was sworn into. but maybe close. lol. i’m not sure you’re qualified to speak on delusion.

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