You can watch the results live here on the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections website.

Early vote is in, and it looks like Fitzgerald is poised to get the Democratic Executive nod after a massive influx of support from Dennis Kucinich and a rumored massive financial assistance by the Ohio Democratic Party.  Matt Dolan is cruising to an easy GOP nomination for County Executive.  Also known as the primary to lose to the Democratic nominee.

In the Scrappy Seventh District race, it’s not looking good for Tim.  He’s running third with about a 750 margin from the current leader Yvonne Conwell.

  • Word was 1,000 early votes would most likely seal this one. Looks like Conwell won that battle. I thought Tim and company ran a really good race though.

  • Anastasjoy

    Looks to me like the black community said it wants this district and it turned out to take it, with Conwell first and Nelson second. Those who thought James Levin would cruise to victory clearly underestimated how strong the black community can be when it wants to.

  • Anonymous

    Stunning. Nearly 65% of the vote cast in this election was early vote. From the Plain Dealer:
    “The 107,000 mail-in or early votes made up only about 11 percent of the county’s registered voters. Full turnout was still being counted, but attendance at polling places was light today. Election officials predicted only about 17 percent of voters would vote — by mail and in-person combined. ”

  • Anastasjoy

    Yeah, I kind of expected that. Motivated voters were going to vote early, and very few people were going to vote the day after Labor Day. Thanks, Republicans! How’d that work out for you? Not so good, eh? I think Ed FitzGerald is an excellent candidate who can help turn out Democratic voters in November, more so than Terri Hamilton Brown, so that is an upside for the whole ticket.

    When I went canvassing for Strickland a few weeks ago, people were completely confused and clueless about today’s election. When we asked them to support the whole Democratic ticket, they’d go , “Oh, sure, I always vote Democratic. I got my ballot application in the mail already.” We had to explain, “No, no — that’s for September.” And they’d go, “Huh? I thought we voted in November.” This entire scheduling of “the most important election in county history” for the day after Labor Day was an insult. It was planned for minimal turnout, and I am not prepared to listen to any lecturing from the Plainly Republican.

  • Anastasjoy

    Yes, he did, considering this district is only 37% white, and nearly 58% black. The demographics were definitely not in his favour.

  • Modern Esquire

    What’s with the British spelling? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    it’s real live english.

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