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Technical Difficulties: We Has Them

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Due to circumstances beyond our control tonight’s live chat has been postponed to a future nonexistent date. 🙁

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You can watch the results live here on the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections website.

Early vote is in, and it looks like Fitzgerald is poised to get the Democratic Executive nod after a massive influx of support from Dennis Kucinich and a rumored massive financial assistance by the Ohio Democratic Party.  Matt Dolan is cruising to an easy GOP nomination for County Executive.  Also known as the primary to lose to the Democratic nominee.

In the Scrappy Seventh District race, it’s not looking good for Tim.  He’s running third with about a 750 margin from the current […]

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Last week, there was a large amount of GOP crowing about how Gallup’s registered voters poll on the generic Congressional ballot showed the GOP at a ten-point lead.  That’s the largest lead the GOP had ever had, or, frankly, any lead the Democrats had.

One week later….

It disappeared.



From ten points up to tied in a week.  A ten-point swing in a week.  The only thing that could attribute such a swing is the end of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

(Roughly a month earlier, the Democrats had a short-lived six-point lead.)

I’ve noticed the Gallup […]

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Lee Fisher starts airing his first television ad of the general election.

Lee Fisher is going right where Portman is vulnerable—his political resume.  Yes, the polling has shown Portman with a growing lead.  However, the polling also has shown that support for Portman is soft as he is still largely unknown after his campaign and the pro-outsourcing U.S. Chamber of Commerce has spent millions to try to define Portman favorably.

The fact that Fisher is even able to go on the air right now says the rumors I’m hearing about his fundraising picking up substantially are true.  Despite some uneasy […]

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