From the daily archives: Friday, September 3, 2010

Today’s Toledo Blade editorial raised an interesting question about Mary Taylor’s audit of the Ohio Lottery Commission: if it’s doing so well, as her performance audit found, then why should it adopt the strategies of States whose privatized lottery commissions are not run as well as Ohio’s?

State Auditor Mary Taylor’s decision to conduct a performance audit of the Ohio Lottery Commission made some people scratch their heads. Her findings, released this week, may have them tearing out their hair.

[A]lmost everything the audit had to say about the lottery was positive. Yet Ms. Taylor still managed […]

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Yep, today’s the deadline for the Statewide candidates (except for the U.S. Senate) to report their August fundraising haul.  And yet again, they don’t actually have to report their spending, so any cash-on-hand figures you see bandied about is highly misleading and shouldn’t be trusted.  That’s why I’m not going to run them in this post.

We’ll update this post as the reports are filed today.


Governor Ted Strickland (D): $1.4 million.  A $72k donation by the Franklin County Democratic Party, but no sizeable donation from the Ohio Democratic Party.  This is the first report where ODP […]

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Remember the reason for the season!

The Ohio AFL-CIO hasn’t forgotten.  That’s why they doing a major push this weekend to their membership:

Ohio labor unions are mobilizing hundreds of union volunteers across the state, as part of the Ohio AFL-CIO Labor2010 Program, to educate tens of thousands of workers each week about their choice in the mid-term elections.  The Labor2010 Program – launched by the Ohio AFL-CIO and participating unions in July – is one of the largest voter mobilization efforts in the state, reaching union households daily through telephone, direct mail and worksite leafleting. 

“Union members have […]

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You’re going to see the usual “doom and gloom” today regarding the August jobs report released this morning.

Unemployment, nationally, went up .1% of a point.  Why?  Because more people re-entered the labor market a rate faster than the private sector could create jobs.   What was the forecast (i.e. “market expectation”)?

The private sector is forecast to add a net total of only 41,000 jobs, the fewest since January, which isn’t enough to keep up with population growth.

What was the reality?

The Labor Department says companies added a net total 67,000 new jobs last month, down from […]

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