I don’t get it.  Here we are a few weeks from the beginning of early voting and here’s what I’m seeing:

  • Daily e-mails about the Fisher campaign’s schedule.
  • A teleconference with volunteers signing up to do GOTV/early voting calls.
  • Daily press releases and statements like reactions to Obama’s Oval Office in Iraq.
  • Rumors of record-breaking fundraising substantially higher than we seen in his campaign before?

None of which I’m used to seeing from the Fisher campaign.  Doesn’t Fisher read Slate or Politico?  Doesn’t he know that he’s supposed to be running a bumblin’, fumblin’ campaign?  This well honed, message focused, political campaign isn’t what’s supposed to be going on.

The Fisher campaign is for real.  The only question is did they get their act together in time to still win in November.

One of the best things to happen to Lee Fisher is that John Collins isn’t his communication director anymore.  Collins ran a poor communication shop.  He blacklisted us, even after the primary, was not engaging, and frankly impossible to get any useful information.  Fisher’s new communication director, in her second week, shows a new sheriff is in town.  And I’ve heard more Fisher in the past week than I think I did all summer.

Look at Fisher’s statement on his reaction to the President’s Oval Office address last night:

“I honor the incredible sacrifice our servicemen and women have made throughout this war, and I support President Obama’s responsible withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

We should now move quickly to draw down our troops in Afghanistan.

We must continue to ensure that Afghanistan is not a safe haven for terrorists, and the time has come to undertake a more targeted mission to hunt down Al-Qaeda wherever they are hiding, whether it be in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, or elsewhere.

I wholeheartedly agree with the President that our central focus needs to be on reviving our economy and creating jobs.”

Fisher wants to end our effort in Afghanistan.  A position that a sizeable majority of Ohioans agree, but Portman does not hold.  It’s also the position that Jennifer Brunner staked out before any other candidate was willing to.

That, in an of itself, was major news, and smart politics.

Those who are counting Lee Fisher out are missing a major story.  His campaign is better off that it’s been since Day One.  Will Rob Portman still have a sizeable monetary advantage?  Probably, but Lee Fisher is going to have the money necessary to run an effective campaign. Despite MILLIONS in paid television ads in his favor, Rob Portman has made no movement in even Rasmussen.  He’s tossing millions under a muddy, spinning wheel and getting no traction.  I’m starting, for the first time, to get a little bullish on Fisher’s campaign.

You’d think someone in the political media world would note that.  But then again, what do I know?

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  • Anastasjoy

    Why am I seeing none of this? I would like to. I’m amazed that polls continue to show Portman without much of an advantage which I have to attribute to Ohioans’ intense dislike of free trade. This race is definitely winnable but … I don’t know. I’m not seeing this. I agree about Collins though. Too often, he sounded snotty and condescending, like he was doing a poor Carlo LoParo imitation.

  • Anastasjoy

    Just checked me e-mail. Last Fisher release was Monday, a generic “Portman wants to outsource your jobs so sen me money” e-mail. The previous one was dated August 26, before that August 23. Similar message. Am I on the wrong list?

  • Modern Esquire

    I’ve gotten two e-mails from them this morning. One was on Fisher’s response to the President’s Oval office address. Another on the debate schedule announced today.

    Have you talked with their New Media person, Jenna Lowenstein?

  • Anastasjoy

    Never heard of her. I’m just on their regular mailing list. Also checked his website — very few updates in either “news” or “press releases,” and not all that much on his Facebook page or Twitter feed either. There was definitely no response to the president’s speech, although there was some stuff about protecting Social Security which was nice to see — he does need to change up his message and get more specific and that is a good one. Why isn’t he sharing this stuff with regular voters and activists? Sending it to a select media list isn’t going to do him much good; the Ohio media is in the tank for the GOP. Did you see where the Plain Dealer placed the story about the conclusion of the Ohio Lottery audit? Believe me, if it showed something bad for Democrats, it would have been front page, above the fold. But it didn’t so it was on the BACK page of Metro at the bottom of the page.

  • Anonymous


  • Shalom Y’all,

    Yeah, those emails begging for money have become so annoying I’ve put the Fisher Campaign on my Spam list.



  • Anonymous

    He’s a government lifer, kind of like Sherrod Brown and Obama. You have to have run something in order to know how to run something.

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