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When an organization makes an endorsement, it means that organization is whole heartedly behind that organization.  That’s why a week ago, when the Chamber endorsed John Kasich he called it “precious.”

Well, after the State’s largest utility withdrew from the Chamber over it, I mentioned the possibility that the Chamber may have simply been seduced by the polls that showed double-digits, so they figured get on the bandwagon now and curry favor with Kasich.  And then Kasich’s lead collapsed literally in a day.

So what did the Chamber’s Vice-President for Government Affairs have to say in response to Governor Strickland’s […]

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Just like last week with education, John Kasich’s woeful ignorance on matters of policy—supposedly what was his strength—is helping show a stark contrast in this election.  This time, it’s Strickland’s push for renewable energy.

Here’s what Kasich said at his CSI (Copying Strickland’s Ideas) regulatory reform package on Strickland’s announced plan to build the largest freshwater wind farm in the nation.

This has to be the first time a Republican has opposed using our national resources for our energy needs because it threatens a non-endangered species of fish.

Hypothetically, what if it was oil under Lake Erie?  What would the […]

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I didn’t think so.

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Earlier today I read over at WLST that Josh Mandel is now refusing to debate Treasurer Boyce at the Cleveland City Club. It turns out nearly every Republican candidate for state-wide office has now refused to engage his opponent in a Cleveland City Club debate this year. Jon Husted, Mike Dewine and now Josh.

I guess it shouldn’t be a big surprise that Josh is getting bad advice like this from his campaign staff. They haven’t exactly shown themselves to be exemplars of transparency.

I also got an email a few minutes ago from the Kilroy campaign informing […]

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Dear Strickland campaign,

I am sorry for thinking it was nuts to let Kasich go on the air for all of August with nothing in response.  I was wrong.  Terribly, terribly wrong to doubt you.  There is not enough crows this season to make the size of pie I need to eat for being this wrong.  It was a bold plan that required letting Kasich get a lead before you overwhelmed him.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, Nieslen has an answer to Matt Naugle’s question how both Portman and Strickland could be surging–it’s the only thing they have in […]

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Either somebody is having a blast playing us all for suckers, or….something.

We reported on an imminent resignation of Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason in January.  Despite epic blog traffic for weeks and hundreds of people searching some combination of “bill mason” and “resignation”, nothing happened.  Last week, Scene Magazine in Cleveland reported with near gospel certainty that Mason would resign by the second week in October, then face federal charges.  We’re closing in on the first week of October.

Mason is the last remaining pillar of the old machine in Cuyahoga County.  In a PD op-ed, a […]

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Former John Kasich staffer, Homeland Security consultant, and lifelong suckling of the government teat, Jon Keeling, is at his “best” (by which I mean most hilariously shilling pimptastic) when he’s spinning polls.  Well, polling in the last 24 hours has made Jon Keeling less interested in polls.  So now he’s counting Youtube view counts. Enthusiasm!

Does anyone know why this guy, who ain’t even in Ohio, is going to such absurd lengths of John Kasich fellatio just to leave this pathetic internet trail of stupidity that will follow him everywhere he goes?  I’m hearing stuff.  Fun stuff.  Right up […]

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I saw this ad this morning.  I’ve always believed these kind of fact-checking type opposite ads are pretty effective. 

I gotta tell you, Driehaus is fighting hard in this race.  Chabot has been running an uninspired, complacent, and downright lazy campaign.

Today, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported that Democrats outnumbered Republicans nearly 3-1 in in-person early voting yesterday, and 45,000 absentee ballot requests have been received.

I don’t know what the polling is in this race, but I think this race has the potential to surprise those who written off Driehaus early in the race.

Chabot did finally update his […]

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Third-party groups aren’t just for Republicans this cycle.

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(Source:  Marc Kovak @ Ohio Capital Blog)

I’ve heard from multiple sources throughout Columbus that the Ohio Chamber of Commerce has received mostly negative feedback both before, but especially after, they endorsed in the Governor’s race.

I’ve been told several businesses have called to say that they’ve now decided NOT to join the Chamber over this endorsement.

And from what little I can obtain about who was on this 12-member board on the PAC that made a decision that was supposed to reflect the over 4,000 members of the Chamber (none of whom had an opportunity to give their […]

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Rasmussen weirdness

On September 29, 2010 By

The same polling company that does Fox News’ polling in Ohio also does polling for Rasmussen, Pulse Opinion Research, LLC, which is also owned and operated by Scott Rasmussen.

Yesterday, Pulse Opinion Research, LLC’s poll for Fox News showed the race as a two-point tossup, after been an eight point race the week before.

Today, Pulse Opinion Research, LLC’s poll for Rasmussen claims that the race is essentially unchanged from two weeks ago when it also said it was seven-point race.

Both polls asked the questions using the same methodology.  Both were done by the same pollster, presumably, using […]

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