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If you live in the Columbus area are you are the least bit familiar with the restaurant scene here then you most assuredly know Liz Lessner. She’s the brains behind some of my favorite bars/restaurants in town like Tip Top and Dirty Franks downtown as well as Betty’s and Surly Girl in the short north area.

She’s also big on keeping her businesses socially and environmentally responsible so it didn’t surprise me at all to see her on Countdown this week smacking down Boehner and his plan to bring back the GOP policies that brought about the current financial crisis.


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I’m a big fan of Janet Napolitano and think she would have been a great choice for Secretary of Homeland Security had she not been the sitting Governor of a state that would immediately replace her with a crazed, anti-immigrant, right-wing lunatic.

I thought it was a bad idea at the time and the events of the past few months have shown that my initial reaction was absolutely correct.

When I talk about crazed, anti-immigrant, right-wing lunatics, I speak, of course, of Jan Brewer.

Brewer replaced Napolitano right after Jan’s appointment and just in time to sign in […]

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Conservatives who ordinarily would deride a program like “Race to the Top” have been working overtime suggesting some political conspiracy must have been responsible for the great first-year Gov. Christie from losing out in getting funding to Governor Ted Strickland because it’s impossible to believe that Christie could have possibly screwed up so royally (so long as you ignore the evidence to the contrary.)

Except that overwhelming evidence shows that it was Governor Christie’s fault for his State in losing out $400 million in federal school funding.  I mean, literally, Governor Christie, personally, was at […]

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Jim Heath is a John Kasich shill. There’s really no other way to explain it. What he’s doing isn’t journalism and it certainly isn’t just “talking to real people about the economy“. The only way you can look at an article by Jim Heath at ONN is a political hit and cover for John Kasich.

The article highlights a Chillicothe resident, Megan Gibson, who according to Jim is a “lifelong Democrat”. Megan never makes this claim you’ll note, only calling herself “a Democrat”. It’s unclear whether Megan actually told Jim she was a lifelong Dem or he […]

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Wow. That was pretty fast. It’s almost like they had these arguments laying around somewhere. 😉 They just didn’t expect the Kasich campaign and RGA to make them FIRST! A response to this morning’s RGA ad from the Strickland folks is up and it is going to make Republicans real sorry they decided to go after TRADE to attack Ted. Real sorry:

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What do you do when you have a candidate who supported outsourcing policies in Congress and has deep connections to a scandal-ridden company on Wall $treet in this environment?  You try attacking his opponent on those issues as well, no matter how ridiculous the false comparisons may be.

So, I thought this Keb Mo song would be a good way to kick off this weekend.

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David Pepper’s campaign just sent out an e-mail touting the media coverage his extensive plan for the office got yesterday:

Seriously, David, we’re below the Springfield News-Sun?

Somewhere, I think Joe Hallett might be throwing up inside his mouth a little…

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Wow…. that ad is more effective that I realized!

Yesterday, I wrote:

Despite an attempt by Chabot’s campaign and outside Republican groups to tout some, well, laughable poll numbers, the race is still considered a tossup, even as forecasters like Charlie Cook have gotten more bullish on the GOP’s chances of retaking the House.

Almost immediately after writing that post, we started to see conservatives (who denying reading us like they’ve never seen a Playboy, but for some unknown reason felt compelled to say something about the race immediately after my post) tweeting about how the “most […]

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Some people really need help.

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Seriously, the Republican Governors Association is engaged in that tired, cliche GOP tactic of false equivalencies.

This is an incredibly dumb ad for the RGA to run.

Incredibly dumb.

In making this ad, the RGA is conceding that support for policies that lead to outsourcing are wrong… from a Republican perspective.  That means the tax law changes that Senate candidate Rob Portman supported, the “free trade” deals that he pushed through Congress, and the repeated trade deals he and Kasich supported in Congress, like NAFTA, are “job killers.”

Don’t believe me, just ask the RGA!  It’s in their AD!

The […]

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