So, apparently, there are a ton of people in State government and the Columbus Dispatch who are interested in reading about Nash’s romantic relationship with the House Republicans’ Communication Director Megan Piwowar.  Seriously, the #1 and #3 posts read today was just about them, and that’s mostly from people from the Dispatch and State Government computers (naughty, naughty) was reading about them.

So, I have potentially terribly news for you Nash-Piwowar watchers.  Rumor has it that Mr. Nash was in Chicago last week interviewing with the Chicago Tribune.  No word on whether Megan was aware of this or what their status of their relationship.

Maybe I should I check our traffic logs for people from Chicago reading these posts, too?

Let’s hope these two crazy kids can find a way to make it work….

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  • Anonymous

    lol you’re mean.

  • Bob

    He’ll love Springfield, IL. It has all the charm of Lima.

  • Anonymous

    Nash is a hack. He’s a great fit for Chicago-style “journalism”.

  • Anastasjoy

    Considering the situation over at the Trib, that would be a surprising move. He certainly would have more job security at the Dispatch, although I completely understand why someone would want to leave Columbus for Chicago.

  • Anastasjoy

    “Chicago-style” journalism has Ohio-style journalism beat by miles — especially Cleveland-style “journalism.”

  • Anonymous

    “cleveland style” is now limited in meaning to hanging out on public square while bumming change and cigarettes, and sometimes catching a glimpse of sam miller as he valet parks his car at the ritz.

  • seditious

    Nash ought to do us all a favor and dump Megan and take fellow Dispatch hack Mark Niquette with him to Illinois.

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