Steve Stivers is having a little problem… Steve Stivers’ record.

Last week, Steve Stivers claimed he was FOR embryonic stem cell research despite his vote in the State Senate to ban funding for it.

Today, Stivers attacked Kilroy over her support for cap-and-trade:

“Liberal special interest groups are at it again. Rahm Emanuel’s little brother and his Hollywood friends think they know what is best for the voters of Ohio’s 15th District. They had the audacity to run an ad in the Columbus Dispatch that leads people to believe that Cap and Trade is good for central Ohio. They want you to believe that Ohio can afford to lose 100,000 jobs.”

The only problem? Two years ago, Stivers ran on a platform promoting cap-and-trade as a free-market solution to global warming, according to the Columbus Dispatch:

In a July 2008 press release, Stivers praised the idea: “Among other things, Stivers supports the concept of a market-based cap-and-trade system, increased fuel standards, and massive investment in the new, clean-energy technology that will help spur a new, greener economy.”

Rob Portman, as we’ve mentioned before, has the same problem with seemingly supporting cap-and-trade before Democrats proposed it.

Stivers’ flip-flop is particularly bad given that it’s just been two years since he campaigned on supporting it.