Breaking News!  Tiberi won’t sign a pledge not to privatize Social Security!

I like this web clip. Especially the imagery of Tiberi walking in a parade. It’s basically all he does. Smile, walk in parades, vote the party line, and get by. He’s done it for years and the go along to get alone strategy has worked quite well for him. It’s time for it to end, but will be admittedly tough in this political climate. He retained his seat in probably the worst climate imaginable last time out. I’m hopeful that Brooks can mount a strong challenge, but am as yet unconvinced the guy can be beat.

Go Paula!

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  • Bill S

    I wrote Pat Tiberi different times when President George W. Bush was in office about the Iraq War and expressed my objection to the war. He would always reply that he supported the president and the war. He does not think objectionably but rather tows the party line. He is one incumbent that needs to go becasue he has be too closely aligned with Wall St. and Corporate America. He talks big about supporting the average person but when you look at his record he doesn’t care about the average person.

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