From the daily archives: Tuesday, August 31, 2010

State Auditor (and John Kasich running mate) Mary Taylor finally released her long-awaited and long-overdue Lottery Commission Performance Audit today and the results are ASTOUNDING!


Did I say astounding?

What I meant to say was incredibly boring.

The primary focus of her report involves recommendations that the agency fire a bunch of people to save about 2 million bucks. It’s not chump change, sure, but given the fact that the lottery took in over 2.5 BILLION dollars last year it’s really just a drop in the bucket.

And if you read the whole report you’ll discover something […]

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Steve Stivers is having a little problem… Steve Stivers’ record.

Last week, Steve Stivers claimed he was FOR embryonic stem cell research despite his vote in the State Senate to ban funding for it.

Today, Stivers attacked Kilroy over her support for cap-and-trade:

“Liberal special interest groups are at it again. Rahm Emanuel’s little brother and his Hollywood friends think they know what is best for the voters of Ohio’s 15th District. They had the audacity to run an ad in the Columbus Dispatch that leads people to believe that Cap and Trade is good for […]

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So, apparently, there are a ton of people in State government and the Columbus Dispatch who are interested in reading about Nash’s romantic relationship with the House Republicans’ Communication Director Megan Piwowar.  Seriously, the #1 and #3 posts read today was just about them, and that’s mostly from people from the Dispatch and State Government computers (naughty, naughty) was reading about them.

So, I have potentially terribly news for you Nash-Piwowar watchers.  Rumor has it that Mr. Nash was in Chicago last week interviewing with the Chicago Tribune.  No word on whether Megan was aware of this or what their […]

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Breaking News!  Tiberi won’t sign a pledge not to privatize Social Security!

I like this web clip. Especially the imagery of Tiberi walking in a parade. It’s basically all he does. Smile, walk in parades, vote the party line, and get by. He’s done it for years and the go along to get alone strategy has worked quite well for him. It’s time for it to end, but will be admittedly tough in this political climate. He retained his seat in probably the worst climate imaginable last time out. I’m hopeful that Brooks can mount a strong challenge, but […]

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I think, and I’m not alone nationally in saying so, that the Strickland-Brown campaign has amazingly run a sharp and effective campaign in this political environment.

It took not more than a single brain cell to figure out the economy would place a major component of this election.  What the Strickland campaign has smartly figured out is how to turn the economy as a negative against Kasich with focusing on his slavish devotion to Wall $treet greed and outsourcing.  That has been no easy task.

So effective was this campaign was that the Ohio GOP and the RGA even […]

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