You’re not going to find me at a Marc Dann Fan Club meeting.  I didn’t support him in the primary in 2006.  I openly wrote that his attorney disciplinary history was a major liability for the general election.  And I made the legal and political case for Marc Dann’s impeachment.  However, today’s blog post by Steve Nash at the Dispatch’s Daily Briefing Blog is nothing more than tabloid Dann bashing… two years after Dann left the public eye.

For no apparently reason, Steve Nash feels it necessary to report to the public at large that the recently divorced Marc Dann… has a profile on an online dating site.

Marc Dann is no longer a public officials, and hasn’t been by roughly two years.  He’s entitled to have a private life now.  There is absolutely nothing newsworthy about this information.  It’s not more than a shameful act of public mockery passed off as “journalism.”

However, I have asked Mr. Nash to comment on reports that he is romantically linked to the Ohio House Republicans’ Communication Director.  This is relevant information given that Mr. Nash, as a journalist, regularly reports on legislative political events as it goes to his bias.

Yet, for reasons we can only speculate, Mr. Nash has refused comment.  He apparently believes his private life deserves more privacy than Marc Dann.

Journalistic hypocrisy, table for two?