From the daily archives: Monday, August 30, 2010

The Akron Beacon Journal editorial board rips John Kasich for plagiarism of Governor Strickland’s regulatory reform:

Yet what’s most striking about the Kasich plan is its own duplicative quality. In 2006, Ted Strickland campaigned making the same pledge. . . .  Almost from the start of his term, Strickland launched Advantage Ohio, part of a broader effort to improve the performance of government. In February 2008, Advantage Ohio resulted in an executive order setting in motion a comprehensive review of state regulations, especially those affecting business.

The ABJ notes the similarities in the titles of Kasich’s proposal and […]

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You’re not going to find me at a Marc Dann Fan Club meeting.  I didn’t support him in the primary in 2006.  I openly wrote that his attorney disciplinary history was a major liability for the general election.  And I made the legal and political case for Marc Dann’s impeachment.  However, today’s blog post by Steve Nash at the Dispatch’s Daily Briefing Blog is nothing more than tabloid Dann bashing… two years after Dann left the public eye.

For no apparently reason, Steve Nash feels it necessary to report to the public at large that the recently divorced […]

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In the past two weeks, we’ve seen Kasich start to roll out some policy proposals.  The first was a plan to privatize the Ohio Department of Development that has widely been panned as likely unconstitutional and not likely to deliver better results (quite the contrary.)

He then followed it up with his Ohio CSI idea which was nothing more than a plagarized version of Governor Strickand’s Advantage Ohio regulatory reform idea.

Lost in all this is the lack of any ad (from either Kasich, the RGA, or even Strickland or the DGA)  is any mention of Kasich’s signature proposal: repealing […]

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The Federal Elections Commission has notified State Senator Bob Gibbs (R), who is challenging Congressman Zach Space, that he must return over $50,000 in donations because they exceeded the lawful maximum donation amounts under federal law.  As BSB already noted, that’s around 25% of Gibbs’ most recent cash-on-hand total.

Over half of that amount is based on donations made by the Ohio Republican Party.  And despite getting a massive amount of apparently, illegal, donations from the Ohio GOP, Gibbs was still facing a 6:1 cash-on-hand disadvantage to Space.

Two weeks ago, I noted how the NRCC […]

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