Plunderbund posted the latest Strickland campaign video on Friday. The ad attacks John Kasich for helping Invacare send Ohio jobs to Mexico and China.

The ad hasn’t officially aired yet but Invacare has already released a statement saying it “is very disappointed that its home-state governor would attack it in a campaign commercial.”


You know who SHOULD be disappointed?

The Ohioans who lost their jobs or didn’t get jobs because John Kasich and the rest of the Invacare board members decided to send their jobs overseas.

Modern summed it up well when he said: “I WANT a Governor who’s willing to stand up to corporations in Ohio that aren’t doing things in our interest, like outsourcing manufacturing jobs.”

It’s obviously hard to take Invacare’s response seriously because Kasich is on their board and was at least partially responsible for their decision to outsource all of these jobs.

But that’s only part of the picture.

If you check out the Secretary of State’s website you’ll find that Invacare’s execs are HUGE Republican donors. And have been for a long, long time.

They have already given the Kasich campaign nearly FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. Last time around they gave Ken Blackwell $10K. And over the past few years they’ve given Jon Husted nearly $23K!

So a bunch of Republican donors who run a company with the Republican nominee for Governor as a board member are “disappointed” with the current Democratic Governor for attacking them for sending jobs overseas?

How the hell is this news?